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November 1979 SMC decided to computerize following system using services of external agencies for software, processing and data entry.
Property Tax Payroll
Pension Roll Vehicle Tax Billing
Later on SMC established its own EDP Department with Card punching machines and checking staff headed by I-O supervisor.
January 1982 Property Tax Bills for year 1981-82 prepared on Computer.
April 1983 Payroll system implemented on Computer using services of external agencies.
April 1984 Vehicle Tax Billing system implemented.
April 1985 Pension system implemented.
August 1990 SMC decided to go for Total Computerization Project by installing in-house computer on rental basis from external agency.
October 1990 Property Tax On-Line Receipt system was implemented.
February 1991 Super Mini computer was installed in SMC premises on rental basis from external agency.
October 1995 SMC decided to install computers in each of 6 zones and so purchased 11 servers, 80 nodes, 45 printers etc. Software and data was migrated from UNIX to LAN.
February 1996 External agency retained to develop software, to provide technical support, give training to users and maintenance of software.
October 1997 With increasing demand in computerization, SMC invited tenders for 11 servers, 120 nodes and over 60 printers to establish an INTRANET.
May 1998 The tenders for purchasing new hardware were filed.
December 1998 Tenders for Training of employees/officers finalized and rates approved.
January 1999 Fight against Y2K started with amendment of database and application software.
April 1999 Tenders for upgrading existing hardware to make it Y2K compliant were floated.
April 1999 Started training the employees/officers.
June 1999 All critical Application software and related database made Y2K Compliant.
January 2000 Change of Platform from Netware to Windows NT initiated and beginning of redrafting of existing important systems.
April 2000 Issuance of system generated Birth & Death certificates started. 
January 2001 Website launched and certificate of Merit awarded by FIRE (D) and NIUA for the most comprehensive web-site in the country
June 2001 130 computers and around 170 printers along with other peripherals added to strengthen IT infrastructure.
August 2001 Hospital Management System implemented at Maskati Hospital.
November 2001 Salary disbursement using electronic medium- spread over 120 branches of 15 banks to 18,450 employees and pensioners.
January 2002 Implementation of online octroi collection system started. 
July 2002 Around 200 computers and 160 printers along with other peripherals added to existing IT infrastructure.
August 2002 All the health centers computerized.
November 2002 New shops & Establishment System implemented.
March 2003 To support the drive of computerisation, around 150 computers and 135 printers procured.
April 2003 Entire Property Tax system converted to RDBMS.
May 2003 First city civic center started on 2nd May and by the end of month total seven such city civic centers made operational.
August 2003 One more City Civic Center in North Zone area, near Akhand Anand College, Ved Road commissioned.
September 2003 Ward offices brought under SMC network.
November 2003 City Civic Center at Bhestan commissioned.
February 2004 City Civic Center at Sahid Bhagat Singh Chawk, Rustam Park, Limbayat commissioned.
March 2004 225 computers and around 160 printers along with other peripherals added to strengthen the IT infrastructure.
April 2004 Two City Civic Centers, one near Bhulka Bhavan School, Adajan and one at Limbayat Zone Office, Shivaji Nagar Commissioned.
May 2004 City Civic Center at Millennium Market, Ring Road and e‑Library inaugurated by Honorable CM Sh. Narendra Modi.
May 2004 Web based disease surveillance system (DocNet) launched.
October 2004 E-Payment system commissioned.
February 2005 In process to strengthen SMC's network, connectivity of two City Civic Centers with HQ is upgraded to 2 Mbps leased line.
March 2005 In process to strengthen SMC's network, connectivity of two Zone Offices with HQ is upgraded to 2 Mbps leased line.
May 2005 City Civic Center at Karanj Commissioned. Altogether 14 City Civic Centers in the city are now open to cater citizens.
May 2005 E-Magazine has been started. The citizen can subscribe to receive weekly issues of e-Magazine by email.
August 2005 High end servers procured to meet the requirement for high processing power.
July 2006 Around 200 computers and around 140 printers along with other peripherals added to strengthen the IT infrastructure.
August 2006 The looks and layout of the website changed.
September 2006 Additional 40 computers and around 35 printers along with other peripherals procured.
October 2006 City Civic Center at Dindoli commissioned. Altogether 15 City Civic Centers in the city are now open to cater citizens.
February 2007 South East Zone office shifted from the temporary school building to the new premises at Dumbhal along with zonal City Civic Center.
May 2007 City Civic Center at Poona commissioned making the total to sixteen.
August 2007 Adoption of e-Tendering Process
April 2008 Area Based Assessment System for Property Tax is implemented replacing old NRV based system
October 2008 First touch screen Information Kiosk with easy user interface and bilingual support has been installed at Central Zone
January 2009 Implementation of m-Governance initiated with the start of Vaccination Alert System
January 2009 Mobile Tax Collection van started to cater to the newly merged area of the city which is far flung from the existing City Civic Center.
July 2009 Existing Complaint Management System enriched with incorporation of the feature by which the complainant registering web complaint is notified by an email about its status from time to time.
November 2009 Installation of two Information Kiosks at Science Centre for accessing details related to number of museum objects.
September 2010 m-Governance extended with launch of Services through SMS. Citizen can now know their Property Tax, Professional Tax, Complaint Status by sending SMS to ‘9274222222’.
September 2010 SMC Help Line - single number complaint registration facility has been started. Citizens can lodge the complaint easily on this single number irrespective of the department and zone it pertains to. Citizen lodging the complaint is sent an SMS stating the Complaint ID, its brief description and the name and contact details of the concerned nodal officer. Notification through SMS is also sent as and when status of the complaint changes.
November 2010 465 computers and around 126 printers along with other peripherals procured to strengthen the IT infrastructure.
April 2012 Online e-Payment Facility started. ePay Service is simple and convenient way provided by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) to the citizens to pay their Property Taxes. It allows and enables the citizen to make payment online through SMC's website instantly with multiple options.