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1941 Till 1941, there was only one floor of the institute and patients were treated on OPD basis only.
1955 Maskati family of Surat donated generously to the institute and second floor was created. It became “Maskati Charitable Hospital and C.F.Parekh Dispensary.”
1965-66 The institute was recognized for internship training and under graduate and postgraduate teaching in the subject of Medicine and Surgery. Ortho. & Medical wards were added in that year.
1978 Gastroscope and Laparoscope were made available for the poor and needy people of Surat.
1984 U.S.G. Machine was installed and full-fledged blood bank become operational.
1986-87 Seven bedded modern, well equipped and air conditioned I.C.C.U. was started. X-Ray Dept. Audiometry Dept. & Physiotherapy Dept. was upgraded to meet the demand of the time. Now 8 storied annex building was erected.
1996-97 Separate wards for burned male & female patients were started. Each patient is kept in A.C. cabin and there are separate cabins for male & female patients which prevents the cross infections.
1998 Standing Committee passed a resolution to increase indoor beds capacity to more than 500 beds. General Board S.M.C. has resolved to start Physiotherapy College in Maskati Charitable Hospital vide Resolution No. 391 / 98 dated 9-12-’98.
1999 General Board S.M.C. has resolved to start Medical College in Maskati Charitable Hospital, vide resolution No. 72 / 99 dated 19-1-’99.
18-2-’99 South Gujarat University declared & given affiliation certificate.
1-5-’99 Government of Gujarat has given essential certificate to start the Medical College.
26-2-2000 S.M.C. General Board has resolved vide No 418 / 2000 that admission preference should be given to local students.
4-5-7-2000 M.C.I. team inspected Maskati Charitable Hospital.
24-8-2000 Family Welfare Ministry of Central Government has given the letter of intent to S.M.C. Medical College.
4-9-2000 1st 100 students enrolled for 1st M.B.B.S.
17-8-2001 M.C.I. has given permission for another 100 admission of 1st M.B.B.S. students.
2002 Given permission for another 100 admission for the 1st M.B.B.S. students.
2003 Given permission for another 100 admission for the 1st M.B.B.S students.
2004 On 1st May 2004 clinical teaching beads , concern staff & equipment, Instrument shifted to SMIMER Hospital which is attached to SMIMER (Medical College) at present this hospital has 30 beds for Medicine, 30 Beds for Surgery, 20 Beds Burns ward, 05 Beds Casualty, 10 Beds Orthopedics , 10 Beds ENT , 05 bed Ophthalmology & 10 beds Paediatric . Indoor & Outdoor patient are look after by Honorary consultant doctors & Super Specialist.
10-07-2008 The well equipped ICCU & ICU was restarted to serve general people.