Maskati Home



In 1864, there was an outbreak of Cholera in Surat, due to which many people were killed. The Collector of that time could convince the donors of Surat to open a new dispensary to serve the poor and needy people of Surat. With generous donations from a Parsi gentleman named Mr. Khursedji Pardumi Parekh, a dispensary called “C.F.Parekh dispensary” was born and laid open by the then Collector of Surat, over period of years, it has developed into a 330 bedded well equipped hospital. At present it is working as non teaching 120 bedded Hospital.

In 1955,Maskati family of surat donated generously to this institute, Then after it became MASKATI CHARITABLE HOSPITAL & C. F. PAREKH DISPENSARY.

MCH was created in 1955 to serve as a nucleus for nurturing excellence in all aspects of health care.

The development of which is briefly summarized as below

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Title Particulars
Establishment 1864
Beds 120
Outdoor more than 500 patients/day
Occupancy of Indoor patients 60% beds
Emergency Treatment 24 Hours


  • 1864 : Parsi Gentleman Mr. Khurshidji F.Parekh donated to start Dispensary
  • 1935 : Surat Municipal Corporation took over the management.
  • 1951 : Vohra Maskati family donated for Building & hence known as Maskati Ch. Hospital.

Annual Budget

  • 2009-10 : 2,84,14,000.00
  • 2010-11 : 3,01,69,000.00
  • 2011-12 : 5,01,46,199.00
  • 2012-13 : 5,52,82,000.00
  • 2013-14 : 6,81,10,000.00


Two separate buildings attached with each other. Old building has 2452 Carpet area and new building has 4452 Carpet area and also having 4836 parking area. There are total 3 lifts in the building. Old building has 3 floors having different wards, Large modern O.T. which include hydraulic Operation table, Laparoscopic and other endoscope facility also having modern instruments like IITV are also available X-ray unit administrative branch, A.C. 8 beded I.C.C.U. having telemetry monitoring system are included in old building.

Causality ward, causality O.T., all departmental O.P.D., Laboratory, Physiotherapy, ENT Ward, Extra Surgical & Medical ward and also 16 beded A.C. different burn's patients cabin and separate O.T. for burns patients are included in new building. It has also large Central Medical Store.

Developmental Milestones

  • 1864 : Established as C.F. Parekh Dispensary.
  • 1865 : Completed construction.
  • 1896 : Saved lives during plague epidemic.
  • 1941 : Dr. Ravindra Dixit joined as Surgeon served upto 1973
  • 1966 : Recognised for under graduate Medical Student and internship training.
  • 1978 : Add. 3rd floor complete.
  • 1978 : Gastroscopy facility available.
  • 1984 : Blood bank started. (later shifted to SMIMER in 2003)
  • 1986 : Dr. Doodwala appointed as C.M.O. later on become Medi.Supdt. & Surgeon in 1994 & Medical Suptd. & Director (Medical Edu. & Research) in 2005.
  • 1986 : A.C. I.C.C.U. with all modern Instrument and telematry monitoring system.
  • 1996 : Latest A.C. Burns unit started with 16 separate cabin (A.C.)
  • 2000 : Recognized for teaching institute for SMIMER.
  • 2003 : New building of SMIMER Hospital is available, so Maskati Hospital is now non teaching hospital of 120 beds.



Following Department having outdoor & Indoor facility having specialist & super specialist Medical consultants.

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Facility Facility Facility
Medicine Opthalmology Psychiatric
Surgery Dental Paediatric
Skin & V.D. ENT Dialysis Unit
Speech Therapy Physiotherapy
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Title Particulars
For Indoor Patients 4 General Ward
Operation Theater Burns O.T. 1, Casu. O.T. 1, Septic O.T. 1
Central Medical Stores & Pharmacy

Investigation Facility:

1. X-Ray : Routine & specialised X-ray. Portable X-ray facility.

2. Laboratory : Clinical Pathology, With Auto analyser, Blood gas analyser, Various profile study

3. Microbiology

4. XHistopathology


  • Medical Supdt. & Director (Medical Edu. & Research)
  • Doctors
  • Hon. Consultant & Super Specialist
  • Nurse
  • Ward boy
  • Ayah
  • Sweeper
  • Others