SAFAL Mobile App

SAFAL – Surat Action For Augmenting Livelihood is a mobile app initiated by Surat Municipal Corporation.

SAFAL acts as a bridge between service seeker and service provider. It provides an employment opportunity to people possessing various skills especially from unorganized sector.

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How it works?

Service Exchange Promotion Centre (SEPC) plus Urban Resource Centre (URC) registers the people ready to offer services for various work – “Service Provider”. The person who wants obtain service – “Service Seeker” can search for “Service Provider” based on the skill they are looking for. e.g. if someone is looking for electrician, they can select the skill from various skill sets mentioned in mobile app. Based on selection the locations count of electricians will be displayed. The user can click the appropriate location based on the requirement and the list of the electricians will be displayed. The Service Seeker can make a call from the app and get in touch with Service Provider.

Role of SEPC & URC

Service Exchange Promotion Centre (SEPC) plus Urban Resource Centre (URC ) acts as a bridge between employees i.e. various unskilled, skilled, semi-skilled Workers/Labours (like, Carpenter, Care Taker, Contractors, Cook, Engineers, Fitter, Technician, Operators, Office Boy, Painter, Nurse, Sweeper, Maid Plumber, Welder, etc.) and employers/ local citizen of the city.

Contact us

In case of any issue, please contact us on "Service Exchange Promotion Centre (SEPC)", Raika Circle, Udhna,SURAT. Working Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Contact No. : 0261- 6578495/97

Privacy Policy

As a general rule, this mobile app does not collect Personal Information about you. You can generally visit the mobile app without revealing Personal Information, unless you choose to provide such information for various functions like Complaint Registration, Feedback, etc.