Virtual Civic Center (Online Service)

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Community Hall/Party Plot Booking
Booking Type :
*Note: Advance booking to be considered as 150 days or more and regular booking considered withing 150 days.
*Imp.Note: Advance booking amount is non-refundable.
*Imp.Note: Regular booking refund amount as per below table.(amount deduction on rent only+applicable taxes on deducted amount)
Cancellation period(Current date to Program/Event Date) Cancellation Charges(% of Rent)
Within 6 days 100
Within 7 days to 30 days 75
Within 31 days to 90 days 60
Within 91 days to 150 days 50
Within 151 days to 365 days
Example :if Rent is 10000 and you wish to cancel it within 91 to 150 days period then cancellation charges amount is 5000+tax (on 5000) =Total amount of cancellation charges