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Key Activities

(A) Intensive Sanitation Drive

As a part of Mahatma Gandhi Swachhta Mission, intensive sanitation drive will be undertaken by all Municipal Corporations and Municipalities of Gujarat in the during first three months with a view to giving momentum to this drive and for accomplishing this mission successfully, financial assistance of Rs. onecroreto each of the four small Municipal Corporations vig: Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, and Gandhinagar and Municipalitiesas per A,B,C, D Category will be given financial assistanceof Rs. 55,45,30 and 20 Lakhs respectively.

Special sanitation drive will be organized in Government Offices, Semi-Government Offices, Educational institutes, dispensaries and other public organizations.

(B) Public Sanitation

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Swachhta Mission will supervise implementation of the entire policy, structural organizational changes and activities. Task force will be created at Municipal Corporation and Municipality level.
  2. Zero Waste PolicyBearing in mind the goal that cities of the State remain totally clean,environment be preserved in public places, cities and people get better facilities civic amenities. "Zero Waste" policy will be being formulated for implementation of "Zero Waste" policy, Comprehensive "Public Health Bye-laws" will be formed and enforced in all Municipal Corporations and Nagarpalika of the Sate. Because of public health bye-laws the process of cleanliness, sanitation and environment will get the impetus and legal backing for implementation of this policy.
  3. Solid Waste100 percent door-to-door collection of garbage will be planned and implemented for all cities. 100 percent transportation and scientific disposal of the collected waste would be done. It is planned to use waste as a resource for energy and not waste and to generate green power through public private partnership. Besides this, with the use of compost and other modern technology, it will help clean environment of cities simultaneously with economic gain.
  4. DrainageGiving 100 percent house-to-house connections to all cities of the State, drainage facility is to be created. Re-purification of drainage water will be made through Tertiary Treatment or other technology, this water will be re-used, making rivers rivulets and tanks clean. Besides this water will be used for industry agriculture and for other uses, economic gain can be achieved. It is planned to accomplish this work by Public Private Partnership model (PPP).

(C) Public Well-being

  1. ToiletsIt is planned to construct 3 lakh individual toilets by March-2015 providing toilet facilities to toilet-less houses with the object that public well-being of the people living in the cities may be maintained. Where individual toilets are not possible, it is planned to make community toilets / Pay and Use toilets. Collected the liquid waste will be treated in the sewerage treatment plants.
  2. Free Health Check-upIn order that the health of employees connected with cleaning and drainage work in Municipal Corporations and Nagarpalikas and are not infected by the diseases, the State Government has decided to undertake, twice in a year, free health checkup of all employees connected with this work.
  3. Eco-friendly CrematoriumIn order to prevent pollution being caused by use of wood-fuel, Eco-friendly Crematoriums based on gas-electricity, will be planned in all Municipalities of the State under “Kailashdham Scheme”.

(D) Assistance, Training and Strengthening Equipment Assistance

As a part of intensive sanitation drive and a long term planning, besides giving financial assistance to Municipal Corporations and Municipalities by the State Government, as many as 75000 equipments will be provided at the cost of Rs. 100 crores.

  1. Door-to-door garbage collectionIn order to ensure 100 percent door-to-door garbage collection in the cities, Financial assistance to the tune of 100 percent in the first year, 80 percent in second year, 60 percent in third year, 40 percent in forth year and 20 percent in the fifth year will be given in remaining areas.
  2. Conservancy tax incentive schemewith a view to strengthening financial management of Municipalities in a better way, change is made in conservancy tax incentive scheme, norms of assistance will be as under:
    • In case of less recovery of conservancy tax than 50 percent in Municipalities, 50 percent matching grant, in case of 50–75 percent recovery, 100 percent matching grant and in case of recovery more than 75 percent, 125 percent assistance will be given.
    • Whenever existing conservancy tax rates are increased by Municipalities, equal matching grant (one time grant) will be provided by the State Government.

(E) Public Awareness and Public Participation

Public awareness is inevitable for maintaining cleanliness in cities. Simultaneously for creating understanding about this programme among the public, Public participation /public awareness will be ensure by maximal use of elite class /voluntary organizations as well as publicity media.

In public awareness and public participation drive, generally following work will be continuously under taken:

  • Use of banners, hoardings, Kiosk as a communication strategy for publicity and dissemination of sanitation campaign.
  • Intensive use of Street plays, Bhavai, Puppet shows debates, discussion, etc.
  • Planning of publicity – dissemination by advertisements through FM radio, TV, and slide.
  • Arrangement of effective publicity, dissemination be arranged through social networking such as facebook, whats app, G-plus, twitter etc.
  • Planning of awarding incentive prizes /certificates to societies giving significant contribution in Swachhta Mission. Municipal Corporations /Municipalities should reasonably fix the amount of prizes.
  • To take action to levy fine/administrative charge from the person who makes filth.
  • To create atmosphere so that the voluntary organizations /NGO and private institutions come forward for public participation.
  • With the object of public awareness, opinions / suggestions of awakened persons form the public be obtained and taken into consideration for implementation of reasonable.

(F) Time bound implementation

Block-wise programme of this drive shall be implemented.

(G) Grading and prize with regard to sanitation of cities

Under this programme, with regard to sanitation amongst the cities, it is planned to make grading of cities by the way of healthy competition raisiner there by excellent criteria. It is planned to give awards / prizes periodically to those who have done outstanding work.