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Shri. Narendra Modi

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Shri. Narendra Modi - Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Dear Friends, I am sure you have heard time and again that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Alas, things are often different when it comes to putting this into practice. On 2nd October we are launching Swachh Bharat Mission, a massive mass movement, that seeks to create a Clean India. Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi's heart. A clean India is the best tribute we can pay to Bapu when we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary in 2019. Mahatma Gandhi devoted his life so that India attain "Swarajya". Now the time has come to devote ourselves towards "Swachchhata" (cleanliness) of our motherland.

I urge everyone of you to devote at least hundred hours every year, that is two hours every week towards cleanliness. We can't let India remain unclean any longer. On 2nd October I myself will set out with a broom and contribute towards this pious task. Today, I appeal to everyone, particularly political and religious leadership, mayors, sarpanchs and captains of industry to plan and wholeheartedly engage in the task of cleaning your homes, work places, villages, cites and surroundings. I request your active support and participation in our collective quest to make a Swachh Bharat.