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Diamond Gallery

The Diamond Gallery is located on the second floor of the Science Centre. It showcases the complete life cycle of a diamond from mining up to polishing; via eight high tech audio-visual rooms and supporting graphic panels. The fun character of “Hira Kaka” makes the show more interesting to watch. Various models related to Diamond’s mining, cutting, polishing etc. helps us to understand the whole process of making of polished diamonds from rough Diamond. The Diamond Gallery shows the role of India and especially Surat in the field of Diamond Industry world wide. Every 9 out of 10 diamonds we get to see in the plush stores in the big cities all over the world is cut and polished in India and 75% of all these diamonds owe their sheen to Surat Diamond Industry.

The Diamond Gallery consists of eight short films in eight Audio-Visual rooms, which shows different aspects of the Diamond. The names and duration of the films in audio-visual rooms are as under:

Sr No. Name Duration
1. Introduction 5:42
2. Origin 3:28
3. Mining 5:57
4. Properties 5:46
5. Processing I 6:15
6. Processing II 4:10
7. 4 C’s 7:00
8. Surat and Diamond 8:46

The Diamond Gallery is a unique Gallery of its kind in India, where one can experience the process of Diamond without visiting Diamond Industry.