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Divisional Head
City Engineer
Name of Department
Science Centre
Head of Department
Chief Curator
Details of Work area
Fun Science Gallery, Planetarium, Museum, Diamond Gallery, Entering Space, Astronomy through Ages, Power Play and 3D Theater

FAQs (Frequently asking Question related to(department)

What are the timings of Science Centre Surat?
The timings for visiting Science Centre is from 9:30 am. to 4:30 pm
When Science Centre remains close?
Science Centre remains close on every Monday and on few national and major holidays like Uttarayana, Republic Day, Mohurram, Dhuleti, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Anand Chaudes, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali (3 days), Christmas (25th December) etc.
What are the rates of ticket?
Please click here to view ticket rates.
What are the other activities done by Science Center?
Science Centre organizes following special activities:
  • Temporary exhibitions at Art Gallery.
  • Every year Summer Camps from 10th May to 20th May.
  • Night Sky Observation through Telescope for public.
Which Galleries/ Sections are to be developed in future?
In future following Galleries/Sections will be developed:
  • Polar Science
  • Textile
Can I get list of exhibitions which will be organized by Science Centre in this financial year?
When and where will I get information about Summer Camp?
You can get information about Summer Camp from Science Centre in the month of April. You can get information about exhibitions from press release of such programmes in local news papers, local channels, smc website and smc social media platforms.
How can I get details of Night Sky Observation Programme?
As and when Science Centre organizes Night Sky Observation Programme, Science Centre gives press release of such programme to local News papers of Surat and also to local channels, SMC Social Media Platforms.