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Science Facts

Science Facts - February Month

2 February
World Wetlands Day (recognized by U.N.).
4 February
World Cancer Day (recognized by U.N.).
5 February 1941
American Space Craft 'Apollo 14' landed on moon.
6 February
International Day against Female Genital Mutilation.
8 February 1834
Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleiev (Formulator of Periodic Table) was born on this day.
11 February 1847
Thomas Alwa Edison (Inventor of Dynamo) was born on this day.
12 February 1941
Sir Alexander Fleming did first experiment of Penicillin.
13 February
World Radio Day (UNESCO).
14 February 1929
Devendra Lal (Vise President of Indian Academy of Science and Ex-Director of PRL) was born on this day.
15 February 1564
Galileo Galilee (Famous Astronomer) was born on this day.
16 February 1919
Jyoti Bhushan Chetarjea (Discoverer of Haemoglobin-E) was Born on this day.
18 February 1745
Alessandro Volta (Inventor of Electric Battery) was born on this day.
19 February 1473
Nicolaus Copernicus (Famous Astronomer) was born on this day.
20 February
World Day of Social Justice (recognized by U.N.)
20 February 1962
John Glenn the first American Astronaut to orbit the Earth.
21 February
International Mother Language Day. (UNESCO)
24 February 1940
Sengamedu Shrinivasa Badrinath (Specialist in Vitreo – Retina Surgery) was born on this day.
25 February 1988
First successful test fire of "PRUTHVI - 1 MISSILE" by India was done on this day.
28 February
National Science Day is celebrated in India to mark the discovery of the "Raman effect".
U.N. - United Nations, UNESCO – United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization