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Science Facts

Science Facts - September Month

1 March
Self Injury Awareness Day.
3 March 1838
American Astronomer, George W. Hill (who plotted the Moon's Orbit) was born on this day.
3 March 1847
Mr. Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of Telephone) was born on this day.
3 March 1969
India's first Rajdhani Express train having speed of 140 km/h traveled for first time between Delhi and Hawrah.
4 March 1754
Benjamin Waterhouse (inventor of Smallpox vaccine) was born on this day.
6 March 1937
Valentina Tereskowa (Lady Astronaut who was the first lady to enter into the space) was born on this day.
8 March
International Women's Day (by UN).
8 March 1879
German physicist and chemist, Otto Hahn (Discoverer of radiothorium and actinium) was born on this day.
9 March 1934
Uri Gagarin (world's first Astronaut) was born on this day.
10 March 1876
Mr. Alexander Grehambel experimented for the first time to talk on telephone with his assistant Botish on this day.
13 March 1781
Planet "Uranus" was discovered by well-known Astronomer Herschel.
14 March 1879
Sir Albert Einstein (discoverer of Theory of Relativity) was born on this day.
16 March 1789
George Simon Ohm (discoverer of Ohm's Law) was born on this day.
18 March 1858
German engineer, Rudolf Diesel (inventor of diesel motor) was born on this day.
20 March 2018
is the day when Day and Night time becomes equal.(Vernal Equinox)
21 March
World Down Syndrome Day.
22 March
World Day for Water.
23 March
World Meteorological Day (WMO).
24 March 1854
Start of Telegram era in India by delivering first telegram from Kolkata to Agra.
27 March 1845
Wilhelm Corned Rontgen (Noble prize winner & inventor of invisible 'X' rays) was born on this day.
29 March 1967
Making of world's biggest submarine "9 Redoubtable (S611)" by France, which is having weight of 7780 ton and length of 419 feet.
U.N. - United Nations, UNESCO – United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization