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Khoj Museum

"Khoj Museum" was developed in collaboration with Surat Municipal Corporation and Gujarat CSR Authority at Museum building of Science Centre Surat and it was virtually inaugurated by Hon. Prime Ministershri on 29/09/2022.

"KHOJ – Science + Art + Innovation" Museum is a children’s museum focussing on connecting science, art and innovation by means of interactive displays, inquiry-based activities and inquisitiveness-based explorations. Unlike a regular museum having play-cards of “Please Do Not Touch”, at KHOJ Museum, visitors are encouraged to interact, participate, play and explore different exhibits and concepts.

Under the leadership of Surat Municipal Corporation and in collaboration with Gujarat CSR Authority and CSR support of Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd., KHOJ – Science + Art + Innovation Museum is developed in the premises of Science Centre Surat, City Light road, Surat. The CSR fund used for the development of Khoj Museum, Surat is 52 lacs.

The KHOJ Museum, Surat mainly consists of two galleries, a workshop area and a space of hall of fame. On the ground floor of the Museum, “Virosphere” Gallery is displayed. The gallery is an experience about multiple aspects of Virus and Life in which Introduction to Virus, History of Virus, Microscopic World, Virus and Life, Spread of Virus, Corona Virus and Innovations in the Time of Pandemics are depicted. In these sections of Museum, students will participate in several activities, experiments and explorations to understand different aspects related to Virus. The ideas of the size of a Virus, observing germs on your hands, etc. are explored in the gallery. This will be accompanied with Audio-Visual Tools as well as Information Panels.

The second exhibition showcases the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topic of SDGs is being discussed at several policy levels as well as several forums, but real change will be implemented if it is interwoven with our education system as well as amongst the community. The exhibition will mainly focus on the core key themes: Environment and Sustainability, Climate Change and Sustainability, Pollution and Sustainability, Energy and Sustainability. In each segment there will be several experiments, which will be demonstrated on a rotational basis. Also several workshops have been designed around the theme of Sustainability.

The first floor of the museum is designed as a Workshop space, which will be promoting a student to become an Artist, a Scientist, a Technology loving Mechanic, a Sustainability Soldier, a Musician, etc. Several workshops have been designed in these segments for the students as well as the community to learn and explore.

An idea of a Hall of Fame has also been evolved, where it has been planned to display the ideas and creations by students, thus making it a people’s museum.

Ticket Rates for visiting two galleries of Khoj Museum:

Type of Visit 5 Years to 18 Years Above 18 Years
General Visit 40/- 60/-
School / College Visit 20/- 30/-