Voluntary Blood Bank (IHBT Department) is situated in the premises of SMIMER Hospital campus. Blood bank has valid License from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) & Approved by Drug Controller General (India) Central License approving authority under Drug & Cosmetic Act-1945 with further amendment. The License no is G-788.

Voluntary Blood Bank was shifted in the year 2004 from Maskati trust Hospital. Got license for various blood components in the year 2011. In addition, in the year 2018, Blood Bank got license for Apheresis procedure. IHBT Department was established since 2018. The procedure of single donor platelet, plasmapheresis, RBCpheresis are done by the Apheresis Machine.

Blood is collected by 100% voluntary blood donation at Voluntary Blood Bank. In addition to this, blood donation camps are organized by the blood bank with the permission of GSCBT at various places. Blood is supplied at very nominal rate as per Surat Municipal Corporation resolution no. 7/2020 and free supplied to JSSK, Thalassemia, Haemophllia, Sikle Cell Anaemia, MA Yojna/ABPMJAY patient and also Other Government Cashless Scheme patient.

Safe blood is given to the needy Patient only after undergoing various tests as per NACO & FDA rules. NACO / GSACS give support to Voluntary Blood Bank. Voluntary Blood Bank had started collection of 1708 units in the year 2004, now the collection has reached more than 10,000 units.


  • To provide safe blood and blood components to the patients admitted in SMIMER Hospital, Surat.
  • To develop the department for post graduate students.
  • To increase facilities so as to cater the future needs of the hospital and people of Surat.
  • To Increase the voluntary blood donation activities.
  • To increase blood collection by making awareness campaign for blood donors.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Blood bank has valid license valid up to 27/07/2024 (as per License Validity Certificate).
  • Department Blood Bank is collecting 100% blood units from voluntary blood donors.
  • Department Blood Bank is preparing >97% blood components of total blood collection.
  • Round the clock Platelet Apheresis and therapeutic plasma exchange service for needy patients.
  • As per NACO, NBTC, GSACS, GSCBT and government Gujarat policies, blood bank provides free blood and blood products to patients of Thalessemia, coagulation disorders and other diseases as per directive.
  • Hemovigilance program started in 2013.
  • The department regularly¬† participate in IQC & EQAS (BEQAS- Mumbai, Red Cross Mumbai, NARI & CMC Vellore) to minimize Blood Transfusion Reactions in Hospital, Donor adverse reaction in Voluntary blood donation camps & in house facility.
  • Donor feedback forms filling & maintaining Turn around time for blood bank procedures by employing Standard Operative Procedures.

Blood Bank License

  • FDA License No.:G-788 which is valid up to 27/07/2024 (as per License Validity Certificate).
  • Aprox. Blood units consumed daily: 30-40 blood units.
  • Facilities of Blood Components available: Yes.
  • All blood units tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV 1 & 2, Syphilis & Malaria.