Aims & Objective

Service of mankind and teaching of U.G. & P.G. medical students

  • The broad goal of providing various diagnostic services of Radiology-imaging to our indoor and outdoor patient of SMIMER and reffered patients from other centres with the help of state of art diagnostic equipments and well qualified radiologist and radiographers.
  • The broad goal of teaching the medical students in the field of Radio-diagnosis is aimed at making the students realise the basic need of various radio-diagnostic investigations in medical practice. They should be aware of the techniques required to be undertaken for the diagnosis of various disease as well as during prognostic estimations.
  • Quality Diagnostic imaging services to all patients at nominal rate.
  • Emergency services to patient with trauma, medical and surgical conditions
  • Teaching of U.G.and P.G. medical students


  • Understand basics of X-ray production, its uses and hazards.
  • Appreciate and diagnose changes in bones - like fractures, infections, tumours and metabolic bone diseases.
  • Identify and diagnose various radiological changes in disease conditions of chest and mediastinum, skeletal system, G.I. Tract, Hepatobiliary system and G.U. system.
  • Learn about various imaging techniques, including Barium study, other special investigations,C.T., Ultrasound, M.R.I. and D.S.A.


  • Interpret common X-rays and radio-diagnostic and imaging techniques in various diseases and to perform diagnostic   interventions
  • Advise appropriate diagnostic procedures in specialized circumstances
  • Understand personel protection  and protection of  patient during radiography