General Rules & Regulations

  • Regularity

    Regularity in attending all teaching learning sessions - i.e. lectures, tutorials / group discussions, practicals, clinics, project work, etc. is essential. Students must bring journals and study material in lectures and practical classes / dissection. They must wear apron while in the college premises.

    A minimum of 75 % of total in theory & practical classes in each term is essential for the students to be eligible to appear in the university examination.

  • Internal Evaluation

    Students must take all the internal tests / examinations as scheduled. Marks obtained in the internal examination of both theory as well as practicals will be used for the computation of final internal marks to be submitted to the university.

    Students must obtain a minimum of 35 % of marks in the internal assessment in theory and practicals in each subject to be eligible to appear in the university examination.

    In addition to the internal tests, which are conducted periodically, there will be terminal and preliminary examinations both in theory and practicals. Preliminary examination will be as per the pattern of university examination. Marks obtained at these examinations will be taken into account while computing the internal evaluation marks for theory and practicals.

  • Payment of Fees & Dues

    Students must pay the college tuition fees, Hostel fee and other dues as per the time schedule notified by the administrative section.

  • Accessories

    Students should buy the following after their admission into the college as they would be required while attending the practicals:

    1. Dissection kit comprising of
      1. Scalpels size 21 2"-3"
      2. Dissection forceps blunt end and pointed end
      3. Knife
      4. Tooth forceps 6" strong
      5. Pen torch &
      6. Probe pointed dissector
    2. A set of human bones
    3. Two white aprons full size
    4. File or note book for writing notes
    5. Journals for writing notes in practical classes
  • Students Code of Conduct