Aims & Objective

The Department of Microbiology is aimed for imparting quality education to the student and laboratory services to the patients attending SMIMER. The reaching faculty is highly qualified and skilled to conduct both the work efficiently. In addition, the department is also involved in activities related to nosocomial infection and bio-medical waste management. We have been giving training t all health care providers, including supporting paramedical staff regarding biomedical waste management. Every week, hospital rounds are taken to monitor that guidelines are properly followed.

The department is well equipped with facilities to carry out conventional and automated cultures, identification and sensitivity testing and fully automated ELISA system for various serological tests. In our continuous effort to keep pace with the advancement of medical science, the department has added another feather in its cap. Our college is one of the few privileged centres in Gujarat to have the facility for diagnosis of Mycobacteria and rifampicin resistance by CBNAAT technique. This facility is under FIND project in association with RNTCP for detection of MDR tuberculosis in paediatric patients of Surat city.