The Medical College has its own hospital Located next to the Medical College complex having a total of 775 teaching beds and 191 critical care beds out of which 90% are free beds and 10% are paying beds in the special wards. Dr. Vandana M Desai is In charge Medical Superintendent. She is MD (Peadiatrics) and has 24 years of teaching and clinical experience.

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Clinical Material Daily Average
O.P.D. attendance 2053
Casualty attendance 146
No .admissions 157
Bed Occupancy% 89.16%
Operative work
No. major surgical operations 26
No. minor surgical operations 133
No. normal deliveries 15
No. Caesarean Sections 5
Radiological Investigations
Conventional radiology (xray) 389
Ultrasound(gray scale) 134
Contrast radiology (barium ,ivp) 10
C.T.Scans 20
MR Scans 22
Laboratory Investigations
Blood chemistry 2750
Endocrinology 43
Other fluids 4
Serology 67
Immunology 45
Virology 208
Bacteriology 201
Tuberculosis 27
Mycology 5
Parasitology 7
Hematology 792
Histopathology 17
Cytopathology 6
Clinical Pathology 168
Autopsy 2
Fnac 4
Pathology Blood Bank
Donor 32
Camp 14/month
Cross Match 79
Issued Units 49


Casualty is functional round the clock and is managed by casualty medical officers. Specialists are available on call. Services available in this department include central oxygen supply, central suction, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, resuscitation equipments, disaster trolley and crash carts etc. There are two emergency operation theatres for major & minor surgeries fully equipped with anaesthesia, resuscitation and surgical equipments located adjacent to the casualty. Radiology department and clinical laboratory are located in the close vicinity of casualty. One ward with 20 beds for emergency treatment is also attached to the casualty department.

Clinical Laboratories

Central clinical laboratory caters to the out-patients as well as indoor patients. Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology sections are under the administrative control of respective heads of the department for the day to day running and an overall administrative control of the Medical Superintendent. All the routine and emergency investigations are carried out. Facilities for the Microbiology, histopathology and special biochemistry investigations are carried out in the departments of Microbiology, Pathology and Biochemistry of the Medical college respectively. Each Department is well equipped with modern equipment and instruments.

Operation Theatre Unit

There is a total of 18 operation theatres including 12 major and 6 minor theatres. All are air-conditioned. Each O.T. is having central oxygen & nitrous oxide supply and central suction. The facilities for preanesthetic and post aesthetic care are available. Equipments like Multipara meter Monitor (with capnograph, Respiratory Gas Monitor, Respiratory Gas Monitor with Pulse Oximeter), Defibrillators, Ventilators, Boyles’ apparatus, Infusion Pump, Drip Infusion Pump, are available in O.T.

Post-operative recovery room with 6 beds is available outside the operation theatre complex on each floor.

Intensive Care Unit

The departments of General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Burns have adequately equipped intensive care units. All these units are equipped with Cardiac Monitors, Suction Machines, Phototherapy Units, Monitors, Nebulizers, External Pace Makers, Multiparameter Monitor (with capnograph) Respiratory Gas Monitor, Respiratory Gas Monitor with Pulse Oximeter, Defibrillators, Ventilators, Boyles' apparatus, Infusion Pump, Drip Infusion Pump.

Radiological Facilities

Following facilities are available in the Radio-Diagnosis department:

  • CT scan machine
  • one 800 mA
  • and one 500 mA
  • x-ray machine
  • Static units 300 mA
  • Mobile of 60 mA

In addition to the above, there are seven Ultrasound units, one Colour Doppler unit and C-ARM are available. Obstetrics & Gynaecology department has one separate ultrasound unit. Facilities for special investigations are also available.

Central Sterilization Department

It works round the clock in 3 shifts. There are 6 horizontal autoclaves, 2 bulk sterilizers, 2 glove inspection machines and 2 washing machines are placed in this section. Sterilization facilities are also available in operation block. Storage racks, surgical trays and drums are also available. There are different Collection and distribution points.

Intercom facilities

There is an EPABX of 16 incoming lines and 200 extension lines with central public address system provided. All the wards, O.T., O.P.D., offices and departments are interconnected with phone lines.