Laboratories and Teaching

Lecture Theater One with capacity of 180 students
Demonstration Room Two (2) rooms of 73.78 Sq. mts. each
Library cum Seminar Room 47.98 Sq.mts; capacity of 20 persons.
Museum 100 Sq. mts.
Experimental  Laboratory 208.50 Sq.mts.
Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory 211.6 Sq.mts.
Departmental Research Laboratory 73.78 Sq.mts.
Research Laboratory 73.78 Sq.mts.

Office Accommodation

Professor and H.O.D 20.20 Sq.mst.
Associate Professors Two (02) rooms of 17.86 Sq.mts each
Assistant Professors 15.60 Sq.mts.
Tutor/ Resident Room 18.90 Sq.mts.
Non-teaching Staff 12.32 Sq.mts.
Clerical staff 12.32 Sq.mts.
Resident Room
16.27 sq. mt.
Pharmacovigilance Centre 9.92 sq. mt.