Main health care facilities

All type of diigtal xrays,Ultrasonography,foetal Medicine,Mammography,C T Scan,MRI,Interventional Radiology,D.S.A,Colour Doppler.

  • Plain x-rays (Digital Radiography films) HKA axis x ray
  • Special investigations like Barium study, MCU, IVU, Sinogram, fistulogram, H.S.G, loopogram, nephrostomogram etc.
  • General Ultrasonography of Abdomen and pelvis,
  •  Musculoskeletal and small part ultrasound with 10- 14 MHz probe
  • Antenatal Ultrasound with Anomaly scan, Foetal echo and 3D4D Ultrasound and antenatal Colour Doppler Study
  • Fetal medicine and intervention centre
  • Transvaginal and Trans rectal Ultrasonography.
  • Transcranial Doppler study in sickle cell patients
  • Colour Doppler study of Whole body
  • 3D-4D Ultrasonography
  • Ultrasound guided Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • C.T.Scan ( Plain and contrast study)
  • C.T.Angiography
  • C.T.Guided Biopsy
  • M.R.I
  • M.R.Angiography
  • D.S.A-peripheral angiography and vascular intervention including Laser ablation of varicose vein
  • Nonvascular Interventional Radiology
  • Brest Imaging
  • Mammography,Sonography,Elastography,Brest MRI & Image guide,Intervention.
  • Orthopantomography ( OPG ), and cephalogram.
  • 24x7 emergency
  • Portable xrays, ultrasound and color Doppler.
  • Medicolegal age determination and other investigation reports
  • Bone age determination for various government schemes
  • Facilities of investigations free of charge for benificiaries of JSSK, MA(mukhyamantri amrutam), PLWH cases and poor patients.

Teaching & Infrastructure

Lecture Theater One with capacity of 180 students
Library cum Seminar Room 22.00 Sq.mts; capacity of 25 persons.
Digital X-Ray Room( five rooms including one server room) 20.70 Sq.mts;
24.40 Sq.mts;
25.50 Sq.mts;
28.30 Sq.mts;
17.40 Sq.mts;
USG Room (Five rooms)  25 Sq.mts each
CT Scan Room 54 .2 Sq.mts;
MRI Room 54.2 Sq.mts;
OPG Room 19.32 Sq.mts;
Mammography Room 20       Sq.mts;
Reporting room 16.20 Sq.mts;
Waiting area for patients
Registration Room
X-ray technicians/Server Room
Dark room
Two Consol Room
Patient Recovery area
75.73 Sq.mts

Office Accommodation

Professor and H.O.D 25.00Sq Mts
Associate Professors 6.50 Sq Mts each (2 rooms)
Assistant Professors 21.73Sq Mts
Tutor/ Resident Room 18.66Sq Mts
Non-teaching Staff 12.32 Sq.Mts
Clerical Staff 12.32 Sq.Mts