Main health care facilities

All type of diigtal xrays,Ultrasonography,foetal Medicine,Mammography,C T Scan,MRI,Interventional Radiology,D.S.A,Colour Doppler.

  • Plain x-rays (Digital Radiography films) HKA axis x ray
  • Special investigations like Barium study, MCU, IVU, Sinogram, fistulogram, H.S.G, loopogram, nephrostomogram etc.
  • General Ultrasonography of Abdomen and pelvis,
  • ¬†Musculoskeletal and small part ultrasound with 10- 14 MHz probe
  • Antenatal Ultrasound with Anomaly scan, Foetal echo and 3D4D Ultrasound and antenatal Colour Doppler Study
  • Fetal medicine and intervention centre
  • Transvaginal and Trans rectal Ultrasonography.
  • Transcranial Doppler study in sickle cell patients
  • Colour Doppler study of Whole body
  • 3D-4D Ultrasonography
  • Ultrasound guided Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • C.T.Scan ( Plain and contrast study)
  • C.T.Angiography
  • C.T.Guided Biopsy
  • M.R.I
  • M.R.Angiography
  • D.S.A-peripheral angiography and vascular intervention including Laser ablation of varicose vein
  • Nonvascular Interventional Radiology
  • Brest Imaging
  • Mammography,Sonography,Elastography,Brest MRI & Image guide,Intervention.
  • Orthopantomography ( OPG ), and cephalogram.
  • 24x7 emergency
  • Portable xrays, ultrasound and color Doppler.
  • Medicolegal age determination and other investigation reports
  • Bone age determination for various government schemes
  • Facilities of investigations free of charge for benificiaries of JSSK, MA(mukhyamantri amrutam), PLWH cases and poor patients.

Teaching & Infrastructure

Lecture Theater One with capacity of 180 students
Library cum Seminar Room 22.00 Sq.mts; capacity of 25 persons.
Digital X-Ray Room(five/six rooms). 20.70 Sq.mts;
24.40 Sq.mts;
25.50 Sq.mts;
28.30 Sq.mts;
20.40 Sq.mts;
24.40 Sq.mts
USG Room (Five Rooms) ;25 Sq.mts each
CT Scan Room 54.2 Sq.mts;
MRI Room 54.2 Sq.mts;
DSA Room 54.2 Sq.mts;
Mammography Room 20 Sq.mts;
Reporting room 20.20 Sq.mts;
Demonstration Room 20 Sq.mts;
Waiting area for patients
Registration Room
X-ray technicians/Server Room
Dark room
Two Consol Room
Patient Recovery area
75.73 Sq.mts

Office Accommodation

Professor and H.O.D 25.00Sq Mts
Associate Professors 21.73Sq Mts
Assistant Professors 21.73Sq Mts
Tutor/ Resident Room 18.66Sq Mts
Non-teaching Staff 12.32 Sq.Mts
Clerical Staff 12.32 Sq.Mts