Distribution of topics as per Veer Narmad South Gujarat University:

Sr. No. Topics
Paper-I Paper-II
1 Chemistry of carbohydrates Chemistry of amino acids
2 Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates Chemistry of proteins
3 Metabolism of carbohydrates Digestion and absorption of proteins
4 Chemistry of lipids Hemoglobin
5 Digestion and absorption of lipids Plasma proteins
6 Metabolism of lipids Enzymes
7 Water metabolism Metabolism of proteins
8 pH and acid base balance Nucleic acids including genetics
9 Mineral metabolism vitamins
10 Nutrition Xenobiotics
11 Electron transport chain Cancer
12 Organ function tests Environmental biochemistry
13 Integrated metabolism Molecular biology
14 Metabolism in starvation DNA technology
15 Tissue & organ function tests Hormone action
16 Cell & plasma membrane Laboratory techniques in Biochemistry