1. Application in prescribed form along with the building plans and required documents submitted in the concerned office
  2. Site visit and primary scrutiny done by building inspectors (asst. engg. /junior engg.)
  3. Upon compliance, the report is submitted for final approval to the Municipal Commissioner through Dy. TDO/TDO or TP/Dy. Commissioner or Add CE in case of High rise, Commercial and lay out type development and the report is submitted to the Dy. Commissioner/Add CE through Dy. Engineer /Exe Engineer in case of development of low rise buildings.
  4. Development permission letter is issued upon submission of N.A.Permission and payment of required fees and deposits

Documents to be submitted

  1. Prescribed Form no (C)
  2. Prescribed Certificate of undertaking of registered Architect/Engineer in Form no 2(A)
  3. Prescribed Certificate of undertaking of Registered Structural Designer in Form no 2(B)
  4. Prescribed Certificate of undertaking of Registered Clerks of works/Site Supervisor in Form no (2C)
  5. Prescribed Certificate of undertaking for Hazard safety in Form no (2D)
  6. Self-attested copy of the extract from the Property Register for City Survey lands or an extract from the Record of Rights for Revenue Lands or the copy of the index of Registered Sale Deed as applicable.
  7. TP Scheme Part Plan and redistribution statement or City Survey Sand or DILR plan as applicable
  8. Zoning Certificate and Part Plan of Sanctioned Development Plan issued by SUDA.
  9. Site Plan, Detailed Building Plans/Sections/Elevations, and Layout Plan as Prescribed in section 3.3 of GDCR.
  10. Prescribed Undertaking for excess land under ULC.
  11. Prescribed Undertaking for Parking
  12. Prescribed Undertaking for Ownership
  13. NOC from the relevant Authority like Airport, DGVCL, GETCO etc as the applicability.
  14. Consent letters of the Owners for the land surrendered under TP Scheme, DP, and Road alignment as applicable.
Timeline for processing application after site visit: 72 Hrs.
Facility for payment gateway: Online Services

The following officers shall carry out the inspection before issue of Development Permission:

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Sr. No. Description of Area Name of Inspector
1 TPS no 5(Athwa Umra),Ward no. 13 (Athwa),TPS no 37(Althan South),TPS No 9(Majura),TPS No 27 (Bhatar Majura),28(Althan Bhatar),6(Majura Khatodara),Majura ,Athwa ,Althan Gamtal and Non TP Area. A.J.Shah
2 TPS no 5(Umra North),4(Umra South),36(Althan),6(Piplod0,3(Rundh),4(Rundh Magdalla),1(Vesu),Bhatar,Umra,Piplod and Vesu Gamtal and Non TP Area. Ms. G.D.Agrawal
3 TPS No 26(Abhva),75(Vesu Magdalla Abhva Gavier),86(Sarsana Bhimrad Khajod),76(Dumas Vata Gavier),77(Dumas Bhimpor Gavier),78(Dumas Bhimpor Gavier)79,80(Sultanabad Bhimpor) ,81,82(Dumas),6(Vesu),7(VesuMagdalla), 28(Rundh Vesu),29(Rundh Vesu Magadalla),31(Gaviar Magdalla),32(Gavior Vanta Magdalla), Gamtal and Non TP Area of Bhimpor, Dumas, Sultanabad and All concerned Villages. S.P. Patel
4 TPS. No, 2(Vesu-Bharthana Vesu), 65(Bharthana Vesu Althan), South Gujarat University, 5(Vesu-Bhimrad), 42(Bhimrad),43(Bhimrad),13 (Bharthan Vesu), Gamtal and Non TP Area of Bharthana Vesu and Bhimrad P.S. Rawal
5 TPS. No.71,63(Vadod), 22,47,48,55(Bhestan),67(Jiav-Soneri-Ghabeni),59(Unn),Gmatal and Non TP area of Unn, Vadod, Jiav Budiya & Gabheni T.G. Patel
6 TPS No.1(Udhna-Majura), 2(Udhna). 56,58,72(Bamroli),57(Pandesara),21(Bhestan),Pandesara GiDC,GHB & Gamtal & Non TP Area of Pandesara Bamroli Bhstan & Bhedwad, Udhna Udhyog Nagar Sangh H.L.Dobariya
7 TPS No.8(Umarwada),64,34(Magob Dumbhal),7(Aanjana),33(Dumbhal),41(Dindoli),39(Udhna Limbayat),40(Limbayat Dindoli),61(Parvat Godadara),19(Parvat Magob),62(Dindoli-Bhestan-Bhedwad),69(Dindoli-Godadara), Non TP & Gamtal area of concern Villages. N.M.Patel
8 TPS No.3(Karanj),4(AshwaniKumar-Navagam),15,17(Fulpada),16(Kadara),20(NanaVarachha-Kapadra),Gamtal and non tp area of Nana varachha, Fulpada, Kapadra & Karanj. M.P.Gohil
9 TPS No.3,18(Katargam),24(Tunki), 25(Singanpor-Tunki),26(Singanpor),19,35,49(Katargam),50(Ved-Katargam), 51(Dabholi),52(Ved) Gamtal and Non TP area of Singanpor, Dabholi & Katargam, Katargam GIDC G.M. Donga
10 TPS No.70(Chhaparabhatha-Amroli-Utran-Kosad), 23(Kosad),27(Utran-Kosad), 73(Utran),66(Kosad-Variav),GHB, Non TP area and Gamtal of Kosad Amroli Utran, Chaparabhatha. M.R. Patel
11 TPS No.11,12,17,20,60(Puna), 53(Magob-Dumbhal), Non TP and Gamtal Area of Puna. S.R. Patel
12 TPS No.68(Puna Simada), 21(Sarthana-Simada),22(Sarthana Valak),38(Nana Varachha), 85(Sarthan Pasodara Laskana), Non TP and Gamtal Area of Sarthana Simada Valak. P.B. Tailor
13 TPS No.18,24,25(Mota Varachha), 84(Kosad-Bharthana-Kosad-Mota Varachha-Abrama), Non TP and Gamtal Area of Mota Varachha Mrs. Nitya Dave
14 TPS No.10,11,12,13,31,32(Adajan),10,14,15,16,74(Pal),Gamtal and Non TP area of Adajn & Pal T.T. Patel
15 TPS No.14(Rander-Adajan),23,29,30(Rander),8,9(Palanpor),42,43,44(Jahangirabad),45(Jahangirpura-Pisad), 46(jahangirpura),36,37,38,39(Variav),83(Kosad-Variav),46(Gothan Bharthan Kosad—Kosad-Variav), Non TP and Gamtal Area of Jahangirpura, Jahangirabad & Palanpor C.P.Mistry
16 Ward No.1 to 12, TPS No.1(Lal Darwaja),TPS No.2(Nanpura) N.K.Parmar

Check list for site inspection before issue of development permission

  • Open plot or construction
  • Abutting existing road width
  • Encroachment on plot if any
  • Verification of plot boundary with the record
  • Service line like HT Line or Gas Line or Water supply line passing through the plot if any
  • Existing Nal Road or Natural Drain passing through the plot if any.
  • Vicinity of the plot for Railway Line and National Highway
  • Vicinity of the plot for Protected Archeological Monument ,Jail etc
  • Vicinity of the plot for water bodies like River, Pond, Lake, Khadi etc.
  • Vicinity of the plot for Flood Protection Wall and River Embankment etc
  • Existing Topography of plot with respect to adjoining road