The Public Parks and Garden Department was established with a mission to provide the best environmental condition to live in by providing the citizens with recreational area by creating parks, garden, ponds and lake near their neighbor hood with reduced level of air and noise pollution by improving micro alignment at city level and to recharge ground water through ponds and lakes.

Sneh Rashmi botanical garden - The best garden in Surat
Best Gift to Surat City - Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

The major functions of the Public Park and Gardens Department are as enlisted below:

  • Development of parks & gardens in reserve plots of T.P. schemes
  • Development & maintenance of lakes, reservoir, ponds, river side gardens.
  • Development & maintenance of recreational park, amusement park, botanical garden, children's traffic park, etc.
  • Development & maintenance of plantation & mass plantation along road side and road divider.
  • Creating awareness towards benefits of tree plantation, parks and gardens.
  • Distributing trees during monsoon period at free of cost.
  • Plant distribution on token rate through out the year.
  • Disaster rescue operation carried out like tree cutting, pruning during heavy storm, rain, flood etc.
  • Traffic week is organized during the period of 1st January to 7th January for developmentof civic sense.
  • Environmental day & wild life week are organized for public awareness regardingenvironment.

In the last four years itself, the following work was carried out by the department:

  • 45 Nos. of gardens, & 6 Nos. of lakes are developed in different zones.
  • 2,67,237 Nos. of trees are planted along the road side & road divider.
  • 3,28,778 Nos. of trees are planted in large open space as mass plantation for shelter belt & Green belt.
  • Children traffic Park & Skating rink are developed for citizens.
  • Musical Sound System, Musical dancing fountains and accept those other fountains are installed.
  • Zoological park named "Nature Park" ( Phase - I ) has been opened for public from 26th April 2003, where as Phase-II work in progress with 6 animal moated enclosure, reptile hose and walkway in butterfly park.