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The city of Surat has glorious history that dates back to 300 BC. The origin of the city can be traced to the old Hindu town of Suryapur during 1500 – 1520 A.D., which was later colonised by the Brigus or the King from Sauvira on the banks of River Tapi. In 1759, The British rulers took its control from the Mughals till the beginning of the 20th century. The city is located on the River Tapi and has about 6 km long coastal belt along the Arabian Sea. Due to these reasons, the city emerged as an important trade centre and enjoyed prosperity through sea trade in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Surat became the most important trade link between India and many other countries and was at the height of prosperity till the rise of Bombay port in the 17th and 18th centuries. Surat was also a flourishing centre for ship building activities. The whole coast of Tapi from Athwalines to Dumas was specially meant for ship builders who were usually Rassis. After the rise of the port at Bombay, Surat faced a severe blow and its ship building industry also declined. During the post-independence period, Surat has experienced considerable growth in industrial activities (especially textiles) along with trading activities. Concentration of these activities combined with residential developments has resulted in considerable expansion of the city limits.

Year Events
1612 The British established the KOTHI a centre for trade and commerce.
1614 Sir Tomas Row visited Surat and obtained the rights for trade for the East India Company by meeting Badsah Jahangir.
1664 Shivaji invaded Surat for the first time.
1800 The Britishers subjugated the entire Surat during the rule of Nasiruddin.
1825 The Dutch people came to Surat.
1826 The Government started Gujarati Schools in the City.
1842 The First English School started in the City.
1847 The Portuguese closed their Centres for Trade (KOTHIS) in Surat.
1850 The Government enacted an Act for the development of the city, according to which, the Govt. was empowered to open a Department related to Municipality, on the request of the eminent citizens to effectuate the said Act. The Govt. appointed a committee called 'The Municipal Committee', which consisted of its officers and the eminent citizens to run the said Department. And a provision was made in the Act to administer the city Municipality.
1850 Surat Literary Society established its first Printing Press.
1850 The Andrews Library opened on 1 -7-1850.
1852 The Municipality came into existence, legally, and its first meeting was held on 15-8-1852.
1852 The First School for Girls established in the city under the name of "Raichand Deepchand Primary School for Girls" in Gopipura.
1855 The Primary School administration assigned to the Municipality.
1857 Beginning of Telegraph Communication.
1860 Erection of Surat Railway Station.
1863 'Surat-Mitra', a local newspaper started by Dinshah Ardeshar Taliyarkhan, which was re-named as 'Gujarat-Mitra' on 11-9-1864.
1865 A survey of the city was conducted. The road connecting Chowk Bazar and Station was constructed.
1867 Municipality's Office was shifted to its existing building.
1870 A Clock Tower was erected on the Station Road. A bridge along with sluice gate was constructed over Makkai Pool for Protection against floods.
1870 Rani Baug (presently - Gandhibaug) inaugurated by the Municipality.
1871 Registration of death and birth was introduced by the Municipality.
1877 Inauguration of Hope Pool.
1883-84 Saturday Bazar commenced in Killa Maidan. Election procedure was introduced for the first time in the Municipality and hence 12 members from 12 wards were elected.
1890 Winchester Museum was kept open on 1.2.1890 for general public.
1898 Water supply began through Municipal Water Works (1 -1 -1898).
1898-99 Water taps were connected in the city.
1899 Varachha Water Works entrusted to the Municipality.
1901 New Act of Municipality came into force.
1909 (1) The strength of elected members was raised by 2/3 of total strength.
(2) The Chief Officer was appointed as the administrator of the Municipality.
1920 Free & compulsory education was introduced in the City from 1st April 1920.
1921 Mahatma Gandhiji was awarded a letter of Honour on 19th April 1921
1925 Shri Vallabhbhai Patel (Celebrated as 'Sardar' after Bardoli Satyagrah in 1928) was awarded a letter of Honour on 24th October 1925.
1934 An act related to Adulteration was promulgated in the city from 1st March 1934.
1936 Vegetable Market constructed at Baranpuri Bhagal.
1939 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel unveiled the Oil-painting of Mahatma Gandhi in the Municipal Hall on 6th January 1939.
1944 The Municipality resolved that as long as the British Govt. is not prepared to make India free and continue its policy of repression the Municipal function be stopped (13-4-1944).
1946 The Municipality was re-established on 8th Feb. 1946.
1950 D.D.T. Spray programme undertaken to curb mosquitoes in the city (7-7-1950).
1950 Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the President of India, unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi placed at Gandhi baug on 17th October 1950.
1952 Surat Railway Station (New) constructed.
1955 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the Rang Upvan on 30th October 1955.
1956 Inauguration of S.V. Patel Museum by L;. Shastri on 6.5.1956.
1965 English was introduced in the education of girls in Raichand Deepchand school for girls at Gopipura.
1966 Conversion of Municipality into Municipal Corporation on 1 st October 1966.
1980 Inauguration of Gandhi Smruti Bhavan, the auditorium. (19-4-1980).
1991 Inauguration of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Bridge on 22-7-91 * Approx. cost Rs. 14.31 Crore.
1991 Inauguration of the Narmad Central Library on 24th August 1991.
1995 Inauguration of Weir-cum-Cause Way on 16-12-95. Approx. cost Rs.35 Crore.
1995 Commencement of Sewage Treatment Plant at Bhesan from 25-12-95. Approx. cost Rs.8 Crore
1996 Inauguration of Swami Vivekanand Bridge on 30-6-96. Approx. cost Rs.l 5 Crore.
1997 Inauguration of Water-distribution centre at Katargam on 27-6-97.
1998 Inauguration of Indoor Stadium on 18-12-98.
2000 Inauguration of Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Fly Over Bridge (Textile Market, Ring Road) on 25-06-2000. Approx. cost Rs. 18 Crore.
2001 Inauguration of Olympic level swimming pool at Adajan on 06-05-2000. Approx. cost Rs. 1.5 Crore.
2001 Inauguration of bridge connecting Nana Varachha & Mota Varachha on 28-10-2001. Approx. cost Rs. 27 Crore.
2001 Inauguration of Sardar Smriti Bhavan (auditorium) at Varachha on 28-10-2001. Approx. cost Rs. 40 lacs.
2002 Inauguration of Water Distribution Station at Pandesara.
2002 Celebration of 150 years of existence of municipality.
2002 Handing over of “Panchayat Ghar” constructed by SMC at Kutchh-Bhuj.
2002 Commencement of Bamroli-Vadod Sewage Treatment Plant.
2003 Inauguration of Rander Intake Well on 31-01-2003. Approx. cost Rs. 31 Crore.
2003 Inauguration of Singanpor Sewage Treatment Plant on 31-01-2003. Approx cost Rs. 28 Crore.
2003 Opening of Sarthana Nature Park & Zoo spread over 81 acres of land on 26-04-2003.
2003 Inauguration of City Civic Center at following places:
  • Chaupati Athwalines on 2-5-2003
  • Central Zone Office, Muglisarai & North Zone Office, Katargam on 8-5-2003
  • South Zone Office, Udhna; East Zone Office, Varachha & West Zone Office, Rander on 16-5-2003
  • Ved Road on 18-8-2003
  • Bhestan on 10-11-2003
2003 Inauguration of Swimming pool near Terapanth Bhavan, Opp. South Zone Office on 31.08.2003. Approx cost Rs. 1.39 Crore.
2004 Opening of SMIMER hospital on 02.02.2004. Approx. cost Rs. 25.86 crore.
2004 Inauguration of Varachha Flyover Bridge on 02.02.2004. Approx cost Rs. 29.50 crore.
2004 Foundation stone laid for railway over bridge at Dindoli on 27.02.2004. Approx. cost 10.53 crore.
2004 Inauguration of Sewage Pumping Station and India’s first biogas based plant producing 0.50 MW electricity from sewage at Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant on 28-02-2004. Approx. cost Rs. 2.60 Crore.
2004 Inauguration of Janshakti Island at Majuragate on 01.05.2004.
2004 Inauguration of e-Library and Blind library on 01.05.2004.
2004 Water Harvesting system within the premises of municipal corporation started and Door-to-door Garbage Collection system started on 01.05.2004
2004 City Gallery inaugurated 02.05.2004
2004 Inauguration of Model center at Gandhismriti Bhavan on 02.05.2004.
2004 E-Payment system started on 15.10.2004.
2004 Inauguration of ramp connecting Varachha Fly Over bridge with Hirabaug Junction on 15.12.2004. Approx. cost Rs. 1.83 crore.
2004 Foundation stone laid for India's first multi layer flyover bridge at Jay Prakash Narayan Road (Ring Road) on 19.12.2004. Approx. cost Rs. 25.32 crore.
2004 Work of converting main roads of the city using cement concrete started on 19.12.2004. Approx. cost Rs. 47.28 crore.
2005 e-Magazine started from 15.05.2005.
2005 On 31.07.2005, foundation stone laid for Sport Complex to be constructed opposite Amidhara Wadi, New Rander Road. Approx. cost Rs. 1.55 crore.
2005 Foundation stone laid for completely AC Science Centre, Museum, Art Gallery and Planetarium to be constructed near Maheshwari  Bhavan, Citylite Road on 10.09.2005. Approx. cost Rs. 25.63 crore.
2006 On 31.03.2006, foundation stone laid for the bridge over river Tapi connnecting Dabholi and Jahangirpura. Approx. cost Rs. 65 crore.
2006 Key handing over ceremony of "Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Safai Kamdar Awas" held on 27.05.2006.
2006 Inauguration of bridge over Kankara Khadi, connecting Althan and Bamroli on 17.10.2006. Approx. cost Rs. 8 crore.
2006 Inauguration of road over bridge at Dindoli near Rail Way Culvert No. 436 on 17.10.2006 Approx. cost Rs. 9.75 crore.
2007 Inauguration of South East Zone Office Building on 12.02.2007. Approx. cost R. 2.15 crore.
2007 Foundation stone for the construction of new bridge over Tapi at Amroli laid on 10.03.2007. Approx cost Rs. 20.30 crore.
2007 Inauguration of Udhna Darwaja Junction (Ringroad) Fly Over Bridge on 10.03.2007. Approx cost Rs. 25.04 crore.
2007 Inauguration of Sarthana Water Treatment Plant and Under Ground Service Reservoir on 10.03.2007. Approx cost Rs. 24.22 lacs.
2007 The City Bus Service started from 27.08.2007 for general public.
2007 Inauguration of Fly Over Bridge from Kadiwala School to Subjail at Jayprakash Narayan Marg (Ringroad) on 10.09.2007. Approx cost Rs. 9.36 crore.
2007 Inauguration of Sewerage Treatment Plant at Anjana on 10.09.2007. Approx. cost Rs. 14.06 crore.
2007 Foundation stone  laid on 24.09.2007 for the construction of flyover bridge near the junction near Kapodra Fire Station at Varachha Main Road. Approx. cost Rs. 10.73 crore.
2008 Inauguration of Nana Varachha Flyover Bridge on 23.03.2008. Approx cost Rs. 8.90 crore.
2008 Inauguration of Multilayer Flyover Bridge connecting Ikar Bhavan to Kadiwala Junction of Ring Road on 04.05.2008. Approx cost Rs. 8.75 crore.
2008 Foundation stone  laid on 13.09.2008 for the construction of Multilayer Parking at Mahidharpura .
2008 Foundation stone laid on 12.12.2008 for the construction of Parle Point Flyover Bridge. Approx cost Rs. 59 crore.
2008 Inauguration of Butterfly Park at Sarthana Nature Park on 12.12.2008. Approx cost Rs. 1.48 crore.
2008 Alottment of EWS houses at Kosad on 21.02.2009.
2009 Inauguration of Multilayer Parking at Khan Sahebno Delo, Mahidharpura, Lal Darwaja on 28.09.2009. Approx. cost Rs. 4.66 lakh.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 02.10.2009 for the construction of new creek bridge in place of existing Bhedwad Khadi Bridge, South Zone. Approx cost Rs. 1.74 crore.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 05.10.2009 for the construction of 57 MLD Sewerage Pumping Station near Kosad EWS houses. Approx cost Rs. 24.60 crore.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 05.10.2009 for the construction of 37 MLD Sewerage Pumping Station near Utran Railway Station.
2009 Inauguration of 51 MLD Sewerage Pumping Station on 07.10.2009 at opp. Nandani Apartment, Abhva Road, Surat. Approx cost Rs. 12.37 crore.
2009 Inauguration of Kapodra Flyover Bridge on 11.11.2009. Approx. cost Rs. 9.32 crore.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 20.11.2009 for the construction of Late Shri Sanjeevkumar (Haribhai Jariwala) Auditorium at Pal. Approx cost Rs. 11.27 crore.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 20.11.2009 for the construction of Utrayan-Kapodra Bridge. Approx. cost. Rs. 72.17 crore.
2009 Inauguration of multilayer parking at Varachha zone on 20.11.2009. Approx cost. Rs. 4.52 crore.
2009 Inauguration of Wild Life Interpretation Center at Sarthana Nature Park on 29.11.2009. Approx cost. Rs. 34.74 lakh.
2009 Inauguration of Science Center, Museum, Art Gallery, Planetarium at City Light Road on 29.11.2009. Approx cost Rs. 44.24 crore.
2009 Foundation stone laid on 29.11.2009 for the BRTS project at Kharvarnagar.  Approx. cost. Rs. 78.21 crore.
2010 Inauguration of creek bridge at Bamroli connecting Tulsidham and Jay Ambe Nagar on 25.01.2010. Approx. cost Rs. 1.95 crore.
2010 Inauguration of “Pandit Shyamji Krushna Varma Bridge” over Tapi river, connecting Katargam and Amroli. (Cost – Rs. 23.96 crore, Dt. 23.07.2010)
2010 Foundation stone laid for “Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Cable Staid Bridge” over Tapi river, connecting Athwa and Adajan area. (Cost – Rs. 143.65 crore, Dt. 09.09.2010)
2010 Inauguration of the flyover bridge from Parle Point Junction to Surat-Dumas Road. (Cost – Rs. 59 crore, Dt. 09.12.2010)
2011 Inauguration of Kavi Narmad Central Library after expansion. (Dt. 18.01.2011)
2011 Inauguration of “Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Flyover Bridge” at East Zone, Aai Mata Chawk, Surat-Bardoli Road. (Cost - Rs. 42.79 crore, Dt. 20.01.2011)
2011 Inauguration of “Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Bridge” on Tapi river, connecting Jahangirpura and Dabholi. (Cost - Rs. 69.33 crore, Dt. 25.01.2011)
2011 Inauguration of the “Kavi Shri Jhinabhai Ratanjibhai Desai – Shenrashmi” Botanical Garden at Ugat, West Zone. (Cost – Rs. 6.85 crore, Dt. 25.01.2011)
2011 Inauguration of Water Supply Scheme at Bharthana Vesu Village and Bhimrad  Village of South West Zone. (Dt. 30.04.2011)
2012 Inauguration of Multilevel Parking besides Ghandhi Smruti Bhavan, Timaliawad, Nanpura. (Cost Rs. 96.90 lakh, Dt. 01.05.2012)
2012 Inauguration of bridge over Tapi river near Kapodra Char Rasta, Bharvad Falia, Varachha Main Road connecting Kapodra and Utran. (Cost – Rs. 72.17 crore, Dt. 27.05.2012)
2012 Foundation stone laid for Railway Over Bridge from Amroli to Utran. (Cost – Rs. 48.40 crore, Dt. 11.08.2012)
2012 Foundation stone laid for Integrated Amusement Park Project under PPP at Magob-Dumbhal. (Cost – Rs. 400 crore, Dt. 11.08.2012)
2012 Augmentation of Singanpor Sewage Treatment Plant. (Cost – Rs. 87.99 crore, Dt. 11.08.2012)
2012 Inauguration of 28 MLD Intake Well at Mota Varachha GEB. (Cost – Rs. 11.08 crore, Dt. 11.08.2012)
2012 Inauguration of 263 MLD Intake Well at Katargam Water Works. (Cost – Rs. 20 crore, Dt. 11.08.2012)
2012 Inauguration of the Flyover Bridge on Surat-Hazira Road at Gujarat Gas Circle. (Cost – Rs. 33.54 crore, Dt. 21.09.2012)
2012 Foundation stone laid for BRTS Phase-II. (Cost – Rs. 421 crore, Dt. 24.09.2012)
2012 Foundation stone laid for Wind Power Project. (Cost – Rs. 62.13 crore, Dt. 24.09.2012)
2012 Foundation stone laid for Solid Waste to Power Project. (Cost – Rs. 90 crore, Dt. 24.09.2012)
2012 Foundation stones laid for various projects of School Buildings, Reading Rooms, Health Centers, Aanganwadi, UCD Center, Fire Station, Shanti Kunj and Street Lights. (Cost – Rs. 24.53 crore, Dt. 24.09.2012)
2013 Launching of the Khel Mahakumbh Program at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. (Dt. 18-01-2013 to 12-02-2013)
2013 Inauguration of 90 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Kosad for the New North Zone area. (Cost – Rs. 16.47 crore, Dt. 18.01.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Water Sports on PPP basis in the upstream of Wier-cum-Cause Way. (Cost – Rs. 5 crore, Dt. 18.01.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Railway Over Bridge under BRTS near Utkalnagar connecting Katargam and Ashwanikumar Road. (Dt. 16.03.2013)
2013 Foundation stone laid for the Railway Over Bridge near Bhestan Railway Station at Level Crossing no. 143. (Cost – Rs. 33.89 crore, Dt. 26.04.2013)
2013 Online Shops & Establishment Certificate Renewal facility started. (Dt. 24.04.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Wind Power Project. (Cost – Rs. 52.19 crore, Dt. 22.06.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Flyover Bridge on Udhna Magdalla Road near Bhatar Char Rasta. (Cost – Rs. 26.94 crore, Dt. 22.06.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Flyover Bridge on Udhna Magdalla Road at Sosyo Circle Junction. (Cost – Rs. 26.78 crore, Dt. 22.06.2013)
2013 Foundation stone laid for the river bridge connecting Rander (near Jilani Complex) and Katargam (Palia Kotar No. 07). (Cost – Rs. 26.78 crore, Dt. 22.06.2013)
2013 Inauguration of the Railway Over Bridge near Anjana Farm, Railway Culvert 440-A. (Cost – Rs. 57.22 crore, Dt. 31.08.2013)
2014 Inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony for various projects by Honourable Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel. (Cost – Rs. 724 crore, Dt. 10.01.2014 to 11.01.2014)
2014 Inauguration of Sanjeevkumar Auditorium, Marine Aquarium and India’s first 40 MLD TTP by the then Honourable Chief Minister and current Honourable Prime Minister of India – Sh. Narendra Modi. (Cost – Rs. 1008 crore, Dt. 14.02.2014)
2014 Inauguration of River Front (right side of Tapi river) and other projects and foundation stone laying ceremony by Honourable Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel. (Cost – Rs. 157.30 crore, Dt. 02.08.2014)
2014 Commissioning of facility to register complaints through WhatsApp. (Dt. 19.08.2014)
2015 Inauguration of “Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Bridge” on river Tapi in place of Hope Bridge adjoining Nehru Bridge. (Cost – Rs. 70.66 crore, Dt. 03.04.2015)
2015 Inauguration of second route under Phase-I of BRTS service from Dumas Resort “Y” Junction.
2015 Inauguration of the Sewage System of New South Drainage Zone for Vadod-Jiav, Sonari, Un-Sonari under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana. (Cost – Rs. 30.53 crore, Dt. 20.04.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the creek bridge on Bhedwad Creek of South Zone. (Cost – Rs. 7.99 crore, Dt. 20.04.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the “Shri Ramkrushna Paramhans Flyover Bridge” on Katargam Main Road. (Cost – Rs. 66.75 crore, Dt. 23.05.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the “Shri Madanlal Dhingara Flyover Bridge” from Laldarwaja to Swarnim Circle near Delhi Gate Junction. (Cost – Rs. 73.07 crore, Dt. 23.05.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the “Shri Maharsi Arvind Gosh Flyover Bridge” from Bombay Market to Puna Gam near Archana Vidhyalaya. (Cost – Rs. 16.12 crore, Dt. 23.05.2015)
2015 Foundation stone laid for the construction of new Head Quarter near Udhna Darwaja, Ring Road. (Cost – Rs. 100 crore, Dt. 19.07.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the newly constructed North Zone Office at Katargam-Amroli Road. (Cost – Rs. 6.19 crore, Dt. 19.07.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the new bridge at Amroli Chhapra Bhatha. (Cost – Rs. 6.35 crore, Dt. 19.07.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the BRTS Flyover Bridge near Piyush Char Rasta. (Cost – Rs. 25.59 crore, Dt. 19.07.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the Performing Art Center at Adajan. (Cost – Rs. 6.42 crore, Dt. 19.07.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the Delhi Gate Flyover Bridge. (Cost – Rs. 83.94 crore, Dt. 21.08.2015)
2015 Foundation stone laid for the Flyover Bridge at Amroli Junction, Mansaravor Junction. (Cost – Rs. 74.62 crore, Dt. 04.09.2015)
2015 Foundation stone laid for the railway over bridge connecting Udhna-Limbayat. (Cost – Rs. 28.86 crore, Dt. 04.09.2015)
2015 Inauguration of renovated “Pandit Dindayal Indoor Stadium”. (Cost – Rs. 22.76 crore, Dt. 04.12.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the “Shri Maharana Pratap Railway Bridge” connecting Godadara and Dindoli. (Cost – Rs. 40.04 crore, Dt. 04.12.2015)
2015 Inauguration of the first phase of the historic Gopi Talav. (Cost – Rs. 28.47 Crore, Dt. 04.12.2015)