Suman High School

Suman High Schools Introduction

As we all know that education is the most essential and influential characteristic of one's life, it moulds the life and shape of every human beings. Without education we could not have progressed so far and that's why education is the most necessary portion after food and clothes. Education is the fundamental rights of each and every child. We-Surat Municipal Corporation-as a responsible governing body, focused on this core issue.

We have seen that the students belonging to low-income class are not enrolling themselves for the secondary education after passing primary education. There may be many issues affecting for their choice. One, either they have to join private schools or they have to stretch themselves for grant-in-aide schools far from their residence. Due to such adverse condition, the drop-out ratio has increased. We took it as a challenge and started secondary schools-SUMAN HIGH SCHOOL- initially at four different localities of Surat. We started four Gujarati Medium schools on 12th August, 1999.

This initiative of SMC was well received by the parents and the demand for the other Suman High School has arisen in different areas of Surat. Marathi community has wished that their children will get the quality education in their mother tongue. So, on 21st June,2002, two Marathi Medium Schools have established namely Suman-5 and Suman-6 at Limbayat and Pandesara respectively.

Since then we haven't looked back. At present, we are family of 18 Suman Schools providing quality education in five different mediums-Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, Udiya. Our main aim was to offer qualitative and quantitative education to thes low-income class students at the nominal fee. We are here to shape their future and become a part of great social revolution.

A Message from Deputy Commissioner Shri

Education is not only knowing of facts but also carving paths for life itself. Education is a vast pot filled with knowledge and wisdom. It helps students to develop their personality, inculcate ethics and moulds their character to face the challenges of life. One of the prominent character features that need to be imbued in our students during the education period is a finely embedded attitude of country/society-before-self. The sole aim of education is to make them successful in life and make them aware of their respective duties towards country, society and fellow citizens. It is with this vision in mind; Surat Municipal Corporation has initiated SUMAN HIGH SCHOOLS in 1999 to provide quality Secondary Education to the low-income group of the city. Till date we are family of Eighteen Suman High Schools in altogether 7 different regional languages at very nominal fees. Our educational institutions are stretched across the city offering quality education in Secondary education.

I personally believe that to transcend any obstacles in life one must obtain education. Education is the weapon with which we can slash the vices like; poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Our Suman High Schools exemplify the fact that "the sky is not the limit" and, hence, providing them the opportunity to complete their secondary education to go further in life. We not only provide them student-friendly nature but we also make sure that they grow high-morally, socially and spiritually too. Our entire teaching fraternity at Suman High Schools is indulged in guiding the students to think critically and act humanly in different segments of life. We help the students to discover one's own strength and skills to achieve the milestones in the future.

Our Suman High Schools are spreading awareness among students and parents that to achieve success in life one needs only Education. Our perspective and message is simple and straight, Get education and Education will help you to get what you want in life.

My best wishes are always with students, parents and teachers.