The Traffic Cell of Surat Municipal Corporation perfoms its obligatory duty to provide traffic engineering aspects for regulating and controlling the traffic of the city with the mission of "Overall regulation and control of vehicles and pedestrian Traffic and Transportation, so as to provide safe and undelayed travel trip to the citizens.

The mian functions carried out by the cell are listed below:

  • Traffic and Transportion surveys.
  • Installation of Traffic Signals on road junctions and its maintenance.
  • Construction of Chanalisers on the road junctions.
  • Construction of Road Dividers either with R.C.C pardi or guard stones with a facility of plantations.
  • To install automatic night blinkers at crtical curves, vehicular gaps, accident prone points etc. and its maintanance.
  • Construction of Traffic Island (rotary) at road junctions.
  • Installation of Traffic Sign Boards (cautionary mandatory, informatory etc.) and installation of sign boards indicating the names of new streets and squares.
  • To construct Speed Breakers in consultation with Traffic police Department.
  • To make Road Markings like Zebra crossings, Stop Lines, Junction Markings, Center Lines, Lane Lines etc. and to fix cat eyes on dark roads along the center line for enhanced visibility.
  • Maintenance of Islands, Chanalisers, Road Dividerd by making minor repairs and painting them once in a year.
  • To year – mark the spots for Rickshaw Stand, Bus Stand and Traffic related stuctures.
  • Operating city Bus Transportion on PPP sinc Aug.-07 and up grade the said service.
  • To Provide BRT mass transportation syatem.

The following details summarises the performance of the Traffic cell:

Performance of the cell at various Functions

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Sr. No. Description Till 2000 Total as on 31-05-2016
i Constructing Road Dividers - 186.68 kms
Installing Traffic Signals : - -
ii a. Microprocessor - 32
b. Solar Type - -
c. Vehicle Actuated Systems (Converted) - 46
iii Constructing Traffic Islands/Channelizers - By sponsors : 116, By S.M.C : 78
iv Installing Traffic Blinkers - 105 nos.
v LED Retrofits in Singnal Aspects - 1767 nos.
vi Gantry Signage ( on BOT basis ) - 07 nos.
vii Count Down Timers - 242 nos.
viii Solar Flashers - -
ix Time & temperature Indicators - -
x Variable Message System (VMS) - -
xi City Bus Service - Route : 27, Nos. of Buse : 99
xii Destination Board - 286 nos.
xiii Mandatory Board - 250 nos.
xiv Cautionary Board - 640 nos.
xv Informatory Board - 199 nos.
xvi Road Studs - 67000 nos.