• A suitable codification system for all the items used by SMC to facilite Material Management Functionsand Computerized Operations.
  • Identification of " Stock" and " Non-Stock" items in order that the inventory of " Stock" items can be managed with the help of pre-determined "Safety Stock", Re-Order and" Maximum" levels to facilitate materials planning to ensure optimum inventory.
  • Effective Computer operated purchasing procedure, including, inviting tender notice, systemized tender documents, vendor selection, vendor performance, evaluation and maintaining of vendor directory or vendor list (group wise and item wise).
  • Stores activities including materials accounting ,physical stock verification and disposal of surplus and scraped unusable materials.
  • Timely generation of meaningful material management information reports [ I.e. ABC Analysis, XYZ Analysis , FSN Analysis, Demand issue Summary, store balance status etc] to facilitate operations as well as to keep concerned top management informed of the current situation, so that management control can be exercised for improvement of the functioning of the material management system.
  • The four basic management functions of Planning , Directing , Organizing and Controlling can be applied in the area of Material Management in order to make continued improvements.


The Central Stores Department was established in 1971, as resolved in General Board R.No.188, dtd.12-10-1971, for centralized. procurement, stocking and distribution of materials for the demand of various departments of SMC.

The main functions of Central Stores Department are:

  • Quality Consciousness.
  • The procurement is being done centrally as per the demand received from the various users department of the SMC, therefore, the material can be purchased at a fairly reasonable, competitive price.
  • Monitoring the "Stocking" of the material looking the "Safety Stock”, "Re-Order" and "Maximum" levels.
  • Effective distribution of the materials as per demand and Budget provisions.
The presently the distribution of the material is being done from the following stores:

Contact Details

Central Stores , Aai mata circle road, Nr. Aai mata tample,
B/h. Swagat Complex, Magob, Surat - 395 010.
Ph. No. 0261-972740947, 2850918
Fax: 0261 2851130
E-Mail: centralstoresmc[at]gmail[dot]com

Central Stores, Muglisara Main Building, Surat - 395 003. Ph. No.2422285-87, Ext : 340, 456.

Central Stores, R-4 Reserve Plot, Magob, Surat - 395 010.