EVolute Surat Mobile App

EVolute, India's first unmanned, fully automated open charging network for electric vehicles.

EVolute mobile app allows an EV driver to find charging stations on the Move, Book the available charging session online, Charge and Go.

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EVolute Surat Mobile App - AndroidApp Image

EVolute App for below features:

  • Map: Locate the EVolute charging stations
  • Real Time Availability Check: Show which EVolute charging stations are available to charge
  • Reservation: Book your time slot in advance to secure Charge Spot and save your time
  • Charge Now: Charge at the charge spot without prior booking for Walk-in EV Drivers
  • Payment: Make your payment easier and faster with wallet/credit/debit/Net Banking
  • Favorite Spots: Save your favorite charging spot for quick search
  • Booking History: Track your scheduled and past booking history
  • Charging History: See your EV usage with Cost, Energy and Distance detail
  • Notifications: Get notified on your charging sessions
  • Filters: See only charging stations that work with your EV having your choice of facilities