Proactive Disclosures under the Right to Information Act - Chapter 2, Section - IV

(VI) A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

As per the Record Rules following are the categories of documents that are held by various departments under their control:

A Category
Nature of Record
1 Register of Building permissions
2 Register of House connections and reconnections (Water and Drain connection)-Current record till rewritten then the old register as C record
3 Register of Civil Suits
4 Pay scale Register : Current record till rewritten then the old Register as C Record
5 Register of Immoveable Properties : Current record till rewritten then the old Register as C record
6 Register of Lands : Current record till rewritten then the old Register as C record
7 Register of Investment: Current record till rewritten then the old Register as C record
8 Register of Loans : Current record till the loan is paid up then  as C record
9 Register of Sinking : Current record till the loan is paid up then  as C record
10 Proceedings of General Board and all other executive Committees and Law Committee.
11 Government Resolutions, Orders and Circulars including Law, Rules, Regulations and Standing Orders and instructions issued by Government regarding Municipal Elections.
12 Important administrative circulars, standing orders of permanent nature issued by Collector, Municipal Authorities, Examiner L.F Accounts and Remembrancer of Legal Affairs : only final orders and judgements (To weed out unnecessary papers properly while filing).
13 Papers, regarding formation and reconstitution of Municipality.
14 Papers relating to fixing or alteration of City limits and octroi limits.
15 Taxation Reports : (Only final reports) and not all proceedings and miscellaneous correspondence.
16 Act, Rules and Bylaws and Schedules of taxes and Establishment : proposals and sanction papers.
17 Register and papers relating to delegation of powers to Municipal Committees and Officers : A record if incorporated in Rules of Bylaws. If not then as current record till in force then as C record
18 Register showing the rates of taxes, rates, cess, fees or charges for : All kinds of municipal revenues, fees for hospitals and dispensaries, various sorts of licenses and permits, use of Ambulance car, Dead Body Van, Rang Upvan, Swimming Pool etc.
19 Case papers of the above items if not covered under item No. 16 to treat as current papers till revised thereafter as D papers.
20 Administration report of chief Officer : only printed copy for permanent preservation
21 Government Gazettes.
22 Library Register : current record till rewritten and authenticated thereafter the old register as D record.
23 Abstract of General Census of municipal area and National Registers.
24 Papers relating to Civil Suits by or against the Municipality regarding municipal proprietary interests. (To weed out unnecessary papers while filing and such papers to place under D record.).
25 Papers relating to creation of new posts or revision of pay scale of any scheduled post (This does not include papers regarding temporary establishment).
26 Municipal service regulations and standing orders : only final orders to be preserved permanently. Case papers are current till in force then as C record.
27 Orders fixing amount of security to be taken from municipal employees : current so long as in force than as C record.
28 Register of rates of all kinds of allowances paid to the Municipal Staff such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance etc. This includes special allowance attached to some permanent and scheduled posts and of likewise nature.
29 Case papers of the above cases to treat as current papers till revised or withdrawn thereafter defunct papers as D record.
30 Register of opinions of the Municipal Auditor, Examiner of L.F Accounts, and Remembrancer of Legal Affairs on cases of General nature and policy matters referred to them for advice and opinions. 
31 Awards and Judgements  of Industrial Tribunals in labour or staff disputes and agreements with staff Unions : only final judgements or orders to be retained permanently.
32 Donation papers of and for Immoveable properties.
33 Donation papers for establishment of Trusts.
34 Register of Donations including articles gifted to the Municipality.
35 Register of Vital Statistics.
36 papers regarding :  Festival or celebration of Important event and honours given to Ministers and National Leaders etc : This does not include papers relating to opening ceremony or foundation stone laying ceremony or annual celebrations of events of ordinary and recurring nature. (To weed out unnecessary papers properly while filing;)
37 Rules and Regulations relating to use of Rang Upvan, Swimming Poole Ambulance Car, Dead Body Van, Committee Bus, Public Parks and of like nature : current papers till revised and thereafter the defunct papers as D record.
38 Ten copies of each issue of Sudharai Samachar, Annual Printed records, Administration Reports, Annual Accounts and General Board Proceedings (printed) : in pucca bound volumes.
39 Two copies of Printed Budgets.
40 Papers of cases in which the municipality shares the revenue with Government : To preserve so long as the revenue in leviable : Then class it as C record
41 Discussions and decisions as regards liability or right of the municipality in matters of income or expenditure in medical, sanitary, public works, education and all matters connected with the general administration of the Municipality.
42 Municipal School Board : papers involving important policy questions and constitutions.
43 Register of Supreme Court-High Court decisions and judgements and Rulings on Municipal Administration including Election cases.
44 Annual Accounts : only printed copy.
45 Papers and correspondence for raising of loans in open market or from Government : current record till the loan raised in fully repaid then as D record
46 Papers relating to purchase of new loans, interest payments, transfer or names, inquiry about heirs and all matters connected with loan : current record till the loan in satisfied then as D record.
47 Lapsed Deposit Register : current record till rewritten and thereafter the old and defunct register as D record.
48 Register of Grant-in-aid received from Government.
49 Register of municipal Debenture holder : current records till all cases are repaid then as D record.
50 Paper relating to grant-in-aid in respect of original schemes of the Municipality. (To weed out unnecessary papers regarding recovery of sanctioned amount from this record while filing. This later record to class as D category)
51 Plans, estimates and papers of Town Planning, Master Plan, Drainage, Water Works, Flood Protective Works or similar other Capital Scheme of original nature.
52 Sale Deeds, Registers and papers regarding : sale, purchase and acquisition of lands and buildings.
53 Papers and Registers of lands assigned for public purposes
54 Register of Documents.
55 Sanads.
56 City Survey maps of important historical places and maps of Municipal Districts.
57 Maps, Charts and patraks of Distribution lines of water and drainage, sluice valves, Fire Hydrants etc.
58 Maps, Charts, Registers and papers of sanctioned, abandoned of modified alignments : papers should be regarded as pending cases and as dormant till alignment is enforced and given effects to on all the survey numbers
59 Register and papers regarding private street lands declared as public street lands.
60 Papers and deeds regarding exchange of lands.
61 Registers, papers and agreements  of permissions granted for Chuaja, Balcony, projections, steps, foot boards, sky signs etc. on payment of prescribed fees compounded or otherwise or on Na Dava Kabulats : Register as current record till rewritten thereafter old and defunct papers as D record : Case papers are current record till the permission is in force thereafter as D record.
62 Register, papers and agreements of  Building permissions in Road alignments : A papers till the land is vacated and possession delivered to the Municipality thereafter as D papers. Register as A record (current) till rewritten thereafter the old and defunct as D record.
63 Register of encroachments : Current record till all the cases are finally disposed off : then as D record.
64 Town Planning Acquisition Register.
65 Town Planning possession Register.
66 Town Planning Site Plan Register.
67 Town Planning Register showing Road Widening Lines.
68 Town Planning Demarcation Register.
69 Birth, Death and vaccination Registers : retention period 75 years.
70 Register of marriages : retention period 75 years.
71 Register of late information of Birth and Deaths : retention period 75 years.
72 Papers relating to introduction of major public health scheme of permanent  nature Viz. Anti Malaria and Filaria, Family Planning, Food Adulteration and of likewise nature.
73 Vaccination : Government correspondence on vital and policy issues.
74 Papers regarding Cemeteries or cremation and burial grounds.
75 Papers and orders relating to lunatics and lepers-A papers till the case is current and live thereafter as D record.
76 Correspondence with Government regarding Infectious Diseases Hospital, on vital and policy questions.
77 Register of Medico Legal Cases.
78 Papers and agreements relating to grant of water connection, disposal of private sullage or arrangement for latrine cleaning etc. under fixed rate or special contracts and such other long terms agreements : current record till the term of contract thereafter as D record.
79 Register of cases of water supply by meters : current record till rewritten then the old Register as D record.
80 Register of public stand posts, cisterns, parabs or troughs.
81 Register of fires and floods.
82 Fire and flood reposts when the damage exceeds Rupees five lacs or casualties exceed Ten human lives : only final reports. (To weed out unnecessary paper while filing and these papers form D record.)
83 Register of public street light lamp posts including ornamental posts and mercury vapour lamps-current record till rewritten thereafter the old register as D record
84 Joint water supply scheme with Rander Municipality : original scheme papers, agreements and Disputes Awards papers (only final orders and Awards for permanent retention after weeding out unnecessary case papers and correspondence.
85 Type model or Standard Plans and Estimates : current record till revised thereafter the old papers as D record.
86 Register of Museum Articles : current record till rewritten then the old and defunct register as D record.
87 Original papers establishing new units of Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, special medical units and of likewise nature,
88 List of A papers : current till reviewed or revised or rewritten then the old and defunct list as D record. Deleted entries to enter in the B.C.D. list
89 List of B.C.D papers destroyed under orders of proper authority. 

B Category
Nature of Record
1 General Day Book
2 Classified Registers of Receipts / Payments (Ledgers). 
3 Assessment list of lands and building liable to taxation
4 Provident Fund Ledger.
5 Broad Sheet of Provident Fund.
6 Provident Fund Day Book
7 Cash Book of Sinking Funds and Special Funds, Security Bonds of Municipal Employees : They should be treated as D record after retirement of the employee concerned.
9 Paper regarding grant of personal allowance to a particular employee : current papers only so long as the employee is in service then as D record.
10 Service Books of Municipal Employees : current record so long as the employee is in service then if not handed over to his heirs..D record.
11 Register of punishments to Municipal permanent employees,
12 Pension Pay Orders : current orders till the pensioner is alive thereafter as D record
13 Papers relating to opinions of the Municipal Auditor, Examiner of L.F, Accounts and Remembrarcer of Legal Affairs on cases referred to them for advise or opinions only if sought on general policy issues : rest as D record if related to a particular case only : (At the time of destruction of this record after 30 years only final orders or judgement should be weeded out and to attach with papers under item 12 of A list).
14 Register of prize distribution and special Awards, Medals, Merit certificates in Competitions or variety shows or for public service done to the Municipality.
15 Papers of articles gifted to the Municipality.
16 School Board papers relating to ereation of new posts, revision of pay scale establishment regulations and of likewise nature having permanent effect,
17 Audit notes and L.F Examiners' remarks and replies there to (This does not include preliminary audit notes)
18 Field Books.
19 Register of Mutations in the  titles of lands, buildings and water connections.
20 Town Planning incremental contribution Register, 
21 Papers relating to grant of licenses to Hotels, Restaurants, dangerous trades etc : involving policy questions.
22 Case papers of medico legal cases
23 Register of Epidemics.
24 Papers regarding installation & purchase of new plants and machineries costing Rs. 50000/- and above. 

C Category
Nature of Record
1 Register of Bills for payment during the year (Bill Register) or Accounts Dept. only. Those of other departments D record.
2 Bill forms-Payment vouchers files.
3 Central Collection Register of Direct taxes and Octroi Department.
4 Pay bills and acquittance Roll of the permanent and temporary establishment.
5 Absentee statement.
6 Periodical increment certificate of the establishment.
7 Register of Major Works, plans and estimates and papers of all works when the cost exceeds Rs. 10000/- and not falling under item No. 51 of A list.
8 Calculation papers, Registers and other details of Census.
9 Case papers of Civil Suits by or against the Municipality Regarding money recovery, Rent possession suits etc., Election petitions and appeals.
10 Case paper of labour disputes, Industrial Tribunal case papers and references etc.
11 Proceedings of consultative & sub-Committees and special Committee (Excluding Law Committee)
12 Papers relating to embazzlements of municipal property or defalcation & misappropriation cases.
13 Files and reports on special subjects such as Taxation inquiry Committee of Electricity Committee etc.
14 Inspection notes, remarks & reports of the Collector, Commissioner or D.L.A and its replies.
15 Papers and correspondence regarding Local Bodies conference : proceedings and reports of delegated.
16 Papers relating to transfer of lands and Buildings and partition applications.
17 Water connections and drain connection applications with plans.
18 Water connections transfer applications.
19 Case papers of arbitration proceedings, litigations & correspondence with Rander Municipality relating to joint Water Works Scheme : other than those covered under item No.84 of A list.
20 Town Planning : Inventry Register.
21 Rajachithi papers for new building constructions and permissions to occupy them.
22 Papers regarding sanctioning of lay out of plots.
23 Papers regarding purchase and installation of new plants machineries, and instruments when cost exceeds Rs. 10000/- but does not exceed Rs.50000/-.
24 Street Light Agreements and papers relating to it : Ten years after the term of agreement expires.
25 Fires and Floods reports when the damage exceed Rs. one lac or casualties exceeding Five human lives.
26 Registers of Shops and Establishments (B form)

D Category
Nature of Record
1 Budget Estimates.
2 Statements of reappropriations sanctioned by the Municipality. 
3 Subsidiary Register of Receipt (Treasury)
4 Subsidiary Register of Miscellaneous Receipts (Treasury)
5 Register of money orders received during the year.
6 Treasurer's Cash Book
7 Bill Register of all Departments except Accounts Office.
8 Unpaid Register.
9 Transfer entries.
10 Collection Register of Octroi naka clerks and direct tax inspectors.
11 Octroi Refund Ledger.
12 Account current with firms or public bodies for Octroi dues from them.
13 Collection Register of Toll Receipts.
14 Register of objections to assessed taxes for the year.
15 Register of increases and decreases of assessed taxes.
16 Demand Register of all direct taxes.
17 Bill Book of taxes.
18 Demand notices.
19 Warrants.
20 Register of notice fees and warrant fees,
21 Notice of private scavenging services.
22 Meter Reading Book
23 Stock account of face value tickets.
24 Licenses-Permits : eounterfoils or duplicates. 
25 Register of licenses & permits : current record till wholly written up and till the cases are extinguished or renewed and entered in the new volume then as D record.
26 Accounts of tickets issued to Collection clerks.
27 Demand Register of rents of lands and buildings and all kinds of miscellaneous revenues.
28 Collection Register of miscellaneous receipts.
29 Papers and Registers of miscellaneous saies by anction or otherwise.
30 Garden Ledger-Register.
31 Miscellaneous Demands-Bill.
32 Register of Bills for Miscellaneous demands.
33 Register of copying fees,
34 Register of travelers,
35 Register and papers of works done for private individuals by the Municipality. 
36 Register and papers of hire of municipal properties
37 Pension Register,
38 Permanent Advance Register and aceounts,
39 Journal-Register of Receipt / Issues of stores.
40 Stores ledger
41 Work Order Register.
42 Work Order Book
43 Requisition Book (Indents Books)
44 Stamp accounts Book.
45 Register of moveable properties (Dead Stock Register)
46 Stock Book,
47 Particulars of coal consignments received in a month.
48 Kerosene oil account.
49 Account of Electric Light. 
50 Meter reading book for consumption of electrical energy.
51 Live stock register,
52 Stock account of folder.
53 Stock account of receipt books and muster rolls.
54 Petrol account.
55 Schedule of rates.
56 Muster Roll of daily rated labour employed.
57 Register of minor works-Plans and estimates and papers of all works when the cost exceeds Rs. 2000/- hut does not exceed Rs. 10000/-.
58 Stock account.
59 Tools and Plants Register : current record till rewritten then the old Register as D record.
60 Register of Advances / Deposits : All uncleared entries are carried over to the next year's Register. 
61 Register of security deposits other than cash : all uncleared entries are carried over to the next year's Register.
62 Inward and Outward dispatch Register.
63 Establishment papers relating to Scheduled Posts : Appointment papers, postings, transfers, promotion orders, leave papers, Efficiency bar crossing, permission to accept outside work on remuneration or honoraria deputation  for special training and grant of deputation allowance, Departmental inquiry papers leading to dismissals, invaliding, compulsory retirement, discharge, reduction, warning and fine or otherwise.
64 Papers relating to grant of pension and gratuity amount and verification of service and all other preliminary papers for this purpose. 
65 Papers relating to temporary or provisional establishment.
66 Departmental Examination : permissions granted for appearance, question papers, programmes, answer books and result declared.
67 Papers relating to day fixation & calculations resulting from Industrial Tribunal Award, agreement with staff unions or general revision of pay scale.
68 Register and papers of advances to municipal employees for purchases of vehicles etc.-D papers after the whole amount is repaid or written off.
69 Gradation or Seniority list of municipal employees : current papers till revised thereafter as D record.
70 Establishment Recovery Register and papers : 'D' papers after the full amount is recovered of written off and noted in Service Book. 
71 Papers relating to payment of Rewards or Bonus for special work : To note in service book.
72 School Board papers : other than those covered under A and B lists.
73 Papers regarding : Variety shows, competitions and prize distribution thereat.
74 General statistics.
75 Papers relating to opening ceremony, foundation stone laying ceremony or annual celebrations of ordinary and recurring narture.
76 Papers relating to Election of president, appointment of various Committees and Municipal delegates on public bodies or institutions or local bodies conference.
77 Surplus copies of Annual Administration Reports, Annual Accounts (printed), and annual printed records. 
78 Resolution Register of Departmental Heads.
79 Miscellaneous Correspondence.
80 Papers relating to Election and By elections of the Municipality and School Board .
81 Papers relating to prosecutions for offences under Municipal Act, Rules and Bylaws : and correspondence relating to it.
82 Prosecution Register.
83 Administration reports of departmental heads and Chief Officer's manuscript or typed report.
84 Papers relating to purchase of municipal museum articles.
85 Annual accounts : manuscripts or original.
86 Cheque Book counterfoils.
87 Bank pass book.
88 Redeemed debentures.
89 Papers and correspondence relating to recovery of sanctioned grant - in-aid from Government and papers weeded out from item No.50 of A list.
90 Register of cheques : issued , returned and cancelled. 
91 Bill inward and outward registers of Audit and accounts departments.
92 Register of grant-in-aid paid to private and public bodies.
93 Fixed and Call deposits : Registers and papers.
94 Interest watching Register.
95 Register of contents of Treasury Vault and chests. 
96 Correspondence with Examiner, L.F Accounts regarding disposal of Government audit notes.
97 Preliminary audit notes or objections.
98 Papers subjected to Audit : current papers till the audit objection is pending thereafter to destroy after five years.
99 Rajachithi papers for ordinary repairs to buildings.
100 Register of dangerous buildings and sheds required to be pulled down : current record till the cases are finally disposed off or pending cases are carried over to the next Register.
101 Papers relating to pulling down of dangerous buildings and sheds.
102 Papers regarding action taken in respect of U.H.H buildings.
103 Notice nondh Register.
104 Case papers fixing incremental contributions : current papers till the case is live thereafter as D record.
105 Register of lands and buildings given or taken on lease : current record till rewritten then the old register as D record. When rewritten the extinct cases should be omitted.
106 Papers and agreements relating to lease of lands and buildings : current record till the lease is valid then to treat as D record.
107 Papers relating to encroachments : To file after the land encroached upon is leased or sold then the record should be classified according to that category.
108 Assessment apperls, Petitions, objections, protests and inquiry reports for assessment purposes of all taxes rates, cess, fees and all other Miscellaneous demands : note in demand Register then file as D record.
109 Tax relief applications on charity, educational or poverty grounds etc.
110 Papers and Registers relating to lump sum fixation of water rate and special sanitary cess etc : current papers till the term is valid thereafter as D papers : Register current record till rewritten then the old register as D record.
111 Refund of tax applications : papers and registers.
112 Tax written off : Papers and registers.
113 Ward wise Pahani Patraks of properties, vehicles, water connections etc. liable to municipal taxes, rates or Cess etc. 
114 Arrears of Tax : Register and recovery papers.
115 Registers and papers of properties and goods distrained, attached and auctioned for non-payment of taxes.
116 Register and papers relating to goods attached and auctioned for non-payment of Octroi and Toll.
117 Octroi exemption certificates Book-counterfoils.
118 Measurement Books for civil constructions or supply of materials.
119 Application and correspondence for erection of new light posts or shifting of existing light posts.
120 D.G.S.D agreement and correspondence : current papers till the agreement is in force thereafter as D record. (This does not include supply orders and its correspondence and verification of its accounts) 
121 Supply orders and correspondence under the D.G.S.D. agreement and verification of accounts relating to it.
122 Log Books
123 Papers and correspondence relating to purchase of new plants, machinery and instruments of spare parts when the cost does not exceed Rs. 10000/-.
124 Agreement and its correspondence with Government for payment of railway freight current record till the agreement is in force : thereafter as D record.
125 Wagon Register.
126 Register and papers of plants and seeds purchased (Garden).
127 Car repair Register and accounts.
128 Register and papers of articles given or taken on loan by the Municipality current papers till expiry & return of loan articles and thereafter as D record.
129 Bandhkam Kabulat papers Register, weekly statement etd.
130 Papers relating to repairs to, rejoining of, extension of, cutting off etc. the water connection : entry to be made in the water connection register.
131 Papers relating to supply of, repairs to, insertion of or replacement of water meters.
132 Register of daily supply and consumption of water.
133 Water supply programme on public holidays and religious festivals or eclipses.
134 Water analysis reports and Registers (H.W.W.)
135 Register of allum and chlorine dosages administered to wate (H.W.W.)
136 Register and charts of water levels in River and S, P. Plant (H.W.W.)
137 Water supply programmes and papers relating to it current papers till the programme is in force thereafter as D record. 
138 Rajachithi papers for privy constructions on ownership lands.
139 Fires and floods reports other than those covered under A & C category.
140 Case papers and registers of indoor patients.
141 Register of surgical operations.
142 Register and accounts of X Ray plates.
143 Ultra Violet treatment Register.
144 Lymph account Register and purchase papers.
145 D.D.T supply correspondence and spray programmes.
146 Register of sale of D.D.T Emulsion.
147 Market Stall Rent Register.
148 Register of market stall license holders : current record till rewritten then the old Register as D record when filed.
149 Applications and papers relating to grant of a license for market stall and employment of a servant by the license : current papers till the term of the license then as D record. 
150 Outbreak of epidemics : correspondence and Government grant papers.
151 Register of lepers and lunatics : current record till rewritten then the old Register as D record. 
152 Register of cased of plague, cholera, small pox and other infectious diseases.
153 Register of samples taken by Food Inspectors, analysis reports and case papers of prosecutions lodged.
154 Affidavits and application for correction of entries in the Birth and Death Registers and for enteving nams in Birth Registers.
155 Record and case papers of private Drainage and W, C connections done by the Municipality on grant of loan current papers till the loan is repaid thereafter as D record.
156 Starting reports, completion reports & correspondence pertaining to Drainage and W.C connection with public and with licensed plumbers.
157 Papers relating to arrangements with Government authorities and agreement for supply of information, invoices patraks etc, for the purpose of assessment and recovery of taxes octroi and other revenue : current till the agreement is in force them as D record.
158 Application for license under the Shops & Establishment Act(A form)

E Category
Nature of Record
1 General Receipt Books.
2 Chalan of cash paid in to the treasury of Bank (Bank slip books)
3 Octroi receipt books.
4 Receipt for deposit in lien of octroi.
5 Chalans of all sorts of collections remittance.
6 Railway invoice Register.
7 Transit pass counterfoils & Ravangi remittance.
8 Applications for refund of octroi on goods exported. 
9 Declaration forms in respect of goods imported.
10 Octroi naka bill book.
11 Counter receipts of Toll.
12 Receipt books of taxes.
13 Sanitary Inspector's reports of private scavenging service.
14 Counterfoils of slaughterhouse receipts.
15 Workshop bill book.
16 Lorry accounts.
17 Morning reports of Wards/ Sections.
18 Daily dispatch books (Peons Tapal Book)
19 Papers relating to resignation from municipal service. 
20 Casual leave reports.
21 Application for employment.
22 Muster Rolls and time Book of permanent employees.
23 Attendance Register of patraks of Municipal councilors in G.B. & Committee meetings.
24 General Board and Committee meetings circulars and agendas.
25 Waiting list of candidates.
27 Councilors resignations if by election is not made. 
28 Rough minute books : cyclostyled copies of G.B minutes.
29 Municipal Councilors questions and answers in General Board meetings. 
30 Councilors motions and resolutions in General Board.
31 Executive notes and orders (Inspection notes) of Chief Officer for carrying out certain works etd. and their compliance report.
32 Diaries of municipal employees and officers.
33 Condolence Resolutions.
34 Complaints Register : current record till fully written up. Then file after all the complaints noted therein are disposed off; Papers should be filed under appropriate item.
35 Applications for extracts and copies from municipal records.
36 Annual contract render papers for job work or service or supply of materials etc.
37 Tender papers, purchase, sale, distribution and all other papers relating to Sudharai Samacha, Diaries, Annual Administration Reports, Printed Records, Accounts, Budgets, Rules and Bylaws Books etc. 
38 Papers relating to purchase of library books & payment of subcriptious for Government Gazettes, Periodicals and magazines. 
39 Record of library books issue register or issue slips.
41 Compellation of statistics and information for preparation of Budgets, Administration Reports or similar other reports. 
42 Rejected tender papers quotations and offers .
43 Annual returns of solvency certificates of sureties of municipal employees. 
44 Injunctions or stay orders from Civil Courts-usually part of a case. If not observe the injunction and when expired or withdrawn as E papers. 
45 Returns of landed property held by Municipal employees : current record till another is received in consequence of any change or alteration in the list then file after the municipal employee leaves municipal service.
46 Annual statement of the employees attaining superannuating age. 
47 Summons Register.
48 Currency noted Register.
49 Quarterly accounts.
50 Daily balance reports.
51 Treasury daily transfer reports.
52 Cancelled cheques.
53 Monthly recovery statements and returns or progress reports.
54 Papers and correspondence regarding payment of grants to public and private bodies.
55 Certificates of permanent advance holders received from all departments.
56 Bank balance register and bank reconciliation statements.
57 Periodical returns of incometax deductions-office copies.
58 Visit Books kept at naka and dispensaries etc.: Factory Inspectors' remarks register and R.T.O's inspection and Remark's Register : current record till fully written up then file after effect is given to all remarks and instructions noted therein. Papers should be filed under appropriate category.
59 Custom Bharatia Register.
60 Cash Bag receiving register.
61 Register and papers of stay orders served to public for octroi recovery on closed packages.
62 Naka clerk's vehicle Registers.
63 Extracts from R.T.O Register, City survey property Register and post parcel extvacts and likewise other extracts for assessments of tax purposes.
64 Daily reports relating to cases of plague, cholera and small pox and other infections diseases from sanitary Inspectors as well as Doctors.
65 Daily, weekly and monthly returns of births, deaths. causewise deaths and of plague, cholera or small pox sent to Collector or A.D.P.H
66 Distribution of medicines of public.
67 Register of medical practitioners and Dais : current till rewritten thereafter as E record.
68 Scavenging service discontinued Register.
69 Notices to dais.
70 Register, papers and accounts relating to cattle impounded : cattle receipt books and release books.
71 Birth and death noted received from police, dispensaries etc. and Registers kept at nakas for this purpose.
72 Register of vaccination notices.
73 Register of laboratory tests of private samples and tests reports.
74 Case papers and Registers of outdoor patients.
75 Diet Register (Hospitals)
76 Expenses book of drugs (Hospitals and dispensaries)
77 Receipt books of fees.
78 Dhobi Register (Hospitals)
79 Linen Register (Hospitals)
80 Outdoor injection Register.
81 Papers, accounts and registers relating to removal of carcasses and dead bodies.
82 Papers relating to killing of stray dogs. 
83 Ambulance car and Dead Body Van call register.
84 Papers and correspondence relating to grant of a license or a permit : current papers till the of the license or permit is valid then file as E record.
85 Applications and papers relating to closure of market stalls .
86 Papers and correspondence and registers relating to encroachments of temporary nature. 
87 Insurance policies, correspondence and papers and registers : current papers till the policy is valid and in force thereafter as E record.
88 Plans and estimates and papers of all works upto Rs. 2000/-. 
89 Motor memo Book-Register.
90 Meter Card : to be destroyed when over and a new one is substituted.
91 Register of Plumbers license holders : current record till rewritten then the old on as E record.
92 Papers relating to workshop orders : To file after the work is completed and necessary entries made in the Register of works done in the workshop.
93 Fire Brigade : Test checking & inspection reports.
94 Telephone Register.
95 Register of Keys : Current register till fully written up 
96 Reports sent to Government offices furnishing information called for on which no action is to be taken by the Municipality. 
97 Other papers of unimportant nature not required by Auditors.
98 Post parcel notices-Register and correspondence : Register to file after all the entries made therein are disposed off or indisposed entries carried over to the next Register.  
99 Applications for renewal of shops & Establishment license in D form.
100 Application for change in the Shops & Establishments License in E Form.
101 Shops & Establishment : Field Book and its file.
102 Applications for earned leave, payment of wages etc. under the Shops & Establishments Act.