Biodiversity Management Committee

Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC):

Surat Municipal Corporation vide its Resolution No.722/2020, Dated 01/10/2020 constituted Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) as per section 41(1) of Biological Diversity Act 2002 and Rules 22 of Biological Diversity Rules 2004 for the purpose of promoting conservation, sustainable use and documentation of biological diversity/Flora and Fauna including preservation of habitats, conservation of land races, folk varieties and cultivars, domesticated stocks and breeds of animals and micro-organisms and chronicling of knowledge relating to biological diversity.

Members of BMC:

Biodiversity Management Committee is constituted in accordance with Biological Diversity Rule, 22(1) of the Act. It consists of a Chairman as Municipal Commissioner, SMC presently Smt. Shalini Agarwal (IAS) and other six members from Forest Department, Educational & Research Institutes, NGO's and Elected Municipal Councillors. Garden Superintendent Dr.Sarvesh J. Gautam (Ph.D. Horticulture) is working as Member Secretary of the BMC.

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation Category
1 Smt. Shalini Agarwal, IAS Municipal Commissioner Chairman
2 Shri Punit Nair, IFS DCF, Surat Member
3 Smt. Kalpanaben M Atodaria Member of Standing Committee Member
4 Smt. Suchitraben S Patel


Housing and Garden Committee

5 Smt. Rashmikaben D Patel


Social Welfare, Entertainment and Cultural Committee

6 Shri Kamlesh Yagnik


Sarvajanik Education Society


Surat Climate Change Trust

7 Dr. M. N. Reddy Professor of Biosciences, VNSGU Member
8 Dr. S. J. Gautam Garden Superintendent Member Secretary

Aims and Functions of BMC:

  • Management and sustainable utilization of biological resources within its area of jurisdiction.
  • Stopping of irregular harvesting of bio resources within its area of jurisdiction.
  • Furnishing of information/opinion to National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai and Gujarat Biodiversity Board on various subjects as and when required.
  • Levy charges as advised by National Biodiversity Authority/Gujarat State Biodiversity Board by way of collection fees for accessing / collecting bio‐resources for commercial purpose within its area of jurisdiction, as per the act.
  • To maintain data about local hakims/vaidyas and practitioners using the biological resources.
  • Prepare, maintain and validate People's Biodiversity Register (PBR) in consultation with local people. The BMC is to maintain a register giving information about the details of the availability and knowledge of local biological resources, their use or any traditional knowledge, access to biological and traditional knowledge granted details of the collection fee imposed and details of the benefits derived and mode of their sharing.
  • The Biodiversity Management Committee will also be involved in documentation of biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge.
  • Management and use of Biodiversity Fund as per guidelines provided by the National Biodiversity Authority and Gujarat Biodiversity Board from time to time.
  • Identification and maintenance of Biodiversity heritage Sites, if applicable.
  • Any other works related to Biodiversity as decided from time to time.