People's Biodiversity Register

Urban biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms found in the ecosystems of urban areas, and it is usually measured as the number of species (and their abundance) found in a given area of the city.

Under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 (No. 18 of 2003), notified by the Government of India on 5th February 2003, it is mandatory that a People’s Biodiversity Register be maintained by urban local body and validated by Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC). The Register shall contain comprehensive information on the availability and knowledge of local biological resources including Flora and Fauna and their uses (medicinal, etc.). The preparation of a PBR involves the active support and cooperation of several people who share their common and specialized knowledge. In an urban situation, areas where biodiversity is important need to be identified for the purpose of the study and documentation. The documentation process includes gathering information from individuals through online/web entry of data, detailed questionnaires, focus group discussions with local persons having knowledge, and published secondary information.

The baseline data will help us in understanding the state of biodiversity as of today and will be a very useful tool in the management of Surat city’s biodiversity in future. This inventory can also be very useful for environmental studies at schools, colleges and universities.

Preparation of biodiversity register is an evolving process, our aim is to periodically update with additional and new information as and when generated. We will be taking help from experts in the field of biodiversity to help us validate and moderate the data.

We request the Citizens of Surat to voluntarily contribute their knowledge on Flora / Fauna / Other Living Organisms and help Surat City to prepare it’s first ever People's Biodiversity Register (PBR).