Eighty One Acres land of Nature Park is fully vegetated with big trees. Existing open land was utilised for mass plantation with trees like Casuarina, Acacia auriculiformis, Pongamia glabra, Pelto-phorum ferrugineum, Deloniex regia, Tecoma undulata, Teak, Albizzialebbak etc. which have now been fully grown to give a look like forest.

Design of Sarthana Nature Park is based on Different activity and use of the Project broadly divided into three zones. Below are the details:

Entrance Zone

This zone connects the visitors by providing aesthetical attractive main gate, parking ticket counter, security cabin etc. On the east side of the main gate, Security office has been planed. The front of main gate, there is an Auditorium, Main Office, Museum, Information Center and a Library are provided.

Central Habitat Zone

Covers the enclosures of Mammals, Reptiles and Birds. These enclosures are designed and placed according to habits and behavior of different animals. Individual design of enclosures is also prepared with natural environmental condition moat type design concept. Overall view of animals habitat will be like natural forest type. This will impress the visitors to feel that they are actually in woodland/forest.

Hospital & other Amenities Zone

This zone will be prohibited for visitors, which is placed on the north-west side of the site. This zone include hospital, isolation ward, post mortem room, incinerator room, store etc. Hospital entrance has been provided with the consideration of wind direction. Other amenities like Kiosk, Water points, Toilet are provided around the site as per requirement.