Clear Air Action Plan

Surat Clean Air Action plan

The Surat Clean Air Action Plan (SCAP) was prepared by World Resources Institute India (WRI-India) in collaboration with Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF).The source apportionment study, prepared by TERI, identified air pollution sources in Surat, resulting in the development of a clean air action plan by WRI India that outlines mitigation actions aimed at reducing air pollution..

The Surat Clean Air Action Plan (SCAP) recommends cost-effective interventions to reduce emissions from identified air pollution sources. Some of the recommendations include promoting clean fuel in industries, monitoring and managing construction dust, promoting non-motorized transport, open municipal solid waste burning, development and conservation of green spaces along the corridors, and traffic junctions in the city to manage the road dust.

The preparation of the Surat City Clean Air Action Plan (SCAP) saw a two year long process including primary surveys, primary and secondary data collections, stakeholder identification and consultations. Stakeholders actively participated in the process, key stakeholders include; Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI), Surat, were consulted for the mitigation of Construction dust sector. South Gujarat Textile Processors Association (SGTPA) were consulted for the Industrial sector etc. In all, seven major stakeholder consultations were organized within Surat city which were attended by more than 1000 individual and firms.

Surat City has been ranked as the second cleanest city in India two years in row since 2021 and is aiming to top Swachh Survekshan 2022. However, the city has been identified as one of the 132 non-attainment cities in India and thus requires robust planning and collaborative actions in air quality management. The SCAP project not only highlights the need for technical interventions but also suggests institutional strengthening of the SMC and GPCB in their mitigation actions road map.

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Handbook of Clean Construction Practice in Surat City

The World Resources India (WRI India) looking into the need of having guidance document specific to control sectoral emissions from the construction sector, prepared this guidebook titled ‘Handbook of Clean Construction Practices in Surat – Under Surat Clean Air Action Plan by WRI India’ with all key stakeholders’ inputs and eminent support received from Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat Pollution Control Board and CREDAI Surat Chapter.

This document was a major outcome of stakeholder workshop on "Surat Clean Air Action Plan – Target Approach: Construction Sector" in the month of November 2019. As desired by CREDAI Surat to have a Surat city-specific collation of best practices which have been enlisted in the rules and acts being monitored by the state and central authorities. This ‘guideline document’ as it was called would be beneficial for Surat city’s growing construction sector’s private players to keep their particulate matter emissions in check which are very specific to the different processes happening at construction sites across the city.

The document here provides a snapshot of all the available rules, regulations, and best mitigation measures required to curb particulate matter emissions specific to construction activities which can be instrumental for Surat city’s real estate developers, builders, construction contractors, officials of Pollution Control Boards, and Urban Local Bodies.

With the release of this handbook, WRI India and partner agencies involved in SCAP Project implementation would hope that this handbook will be helpful for different stakeholders involved in the construction practices to understand the air pollution mitigation actions as well as all major and minor retrofitting steps needed in the construction process to control air pollution.

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