Memorandum of Understanding with TERI


National clean air programme (NCAP) is envisaged as a collaborative, cross sectorial and multi-stakeholder programme to tackle all sources of air pollution. Under National clean air programme (NCAP); The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been selected as the Institute of Repute (IoR) to function as a technical partner and provide technical assistance to Surat City by MoEF&CC. Under the NCAP, city specific interventions and action plans will be formulated for implementation by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and SMC, along with TERI. The National Knowledge Network (NKN), Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and MoEF&CC will be overseeing the coordination and technical compliance.

Role of IoR

IoR will act as a technical partner for the City of Surat for the implementation of NCAP. IoR will extend all necessary knowledge based support to the SPCB and ULB, in agreement with the guidance provided by CPCB and NKN. IoR may undertake Air quality monitoring and modeling work, data analysis, data utilization, compilation, adherence to interpretation protocols, report preparation, etc. IoR shall also help in calibration of CAAQMS, compliance verification work of emission norms as a third party to provide independent input to SPCBs/and policy makers. IoR shall be engaged by MoEF&CC for performance assessment (Third Party Audit (TPA)) based on predefined framework for cities other than with whom they are knowledge partners. Research conducted by IoR shall also focus on efficacy and efficiency of various individual measures by various tools and techniques including cost-benefit analysis with support from NKN.

Role of SPCB

SPCB will function as the regulatory body, overseeing the compliance of regulations and intervention policies in the city. SPCB will commit to their city specific action plans and inform IoR of their activities under NCAP, and consult IoR for technical expertise. SPCB will engage IoR in Capacity building with the help of NKN and ensure knowledge uniformity in planning and implementation of NCAP in all Non-Attainment cities in the State. SPCB as well as ULB will also ensure the use of best practices.

Role of ULB

The ULB shall commit to all air quality targets mentioned for the city under NCAP. City specific interventions and action plans will be formulated by the ULB with advice from IoR. ULB shall update IoR on all progress made so far and consult them on all future activities undertaken as a part of NCAP.

Click here to view Letter of MoU between Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Energy and Resources Institute.