The Fifteenth Finance Commission

The Fifteenth Finance Commission (FC-XV) was constituted by the president on November 27th, 2017. 15th Finance Commission in its report for the year 2020-21 has designated Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs (MoHUA) as nodal ministry for recommendation of 15thFC tied grants for water and solid waste management to urban local bodies. 15th Finance Commission grant for Urban Local bodies (ULB) in 2020-2021 is Rs. 1538 crore (Rs.810 crore for million-plus cities and Rs.728 crorefor other than million plus cities). The ministry has approved total Rs.2,200 crore nationally under the 15th finance commission for NCAP; from this Amount, Surat gets Rs. 131crore for FY2020-21.

Under 15thFinance Commission grant, Surat Municipal Corporation has proposed following projects under the section for Ambient Air Quality and Water Supply, Solid Waste Management and Sanitation:

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Sr. No Project Type No. of Projects Project Details
1 Air Monitoring System 5 View Details
2 C & D Waste Collection 15 View Details
3 Creek Bridge 6 View Details
4 Garden Development 66 View Details
5 Infrastructure Facilities for e-Vehicles 4 View Details
6 Mechanical Street Sweeper 16 View Details
7 Multi Level Parking 5 View Details
8 Outer Ring Road 1 View Details
9 Plastic Road 1 View Details
10 Polymeric Road 1 View Details
11 Road Carpet 9 View Details
12 Water Fountain at Traffic Island 12 View Details
13 Recycle/Reuse 3 View Details
14 Solid Waste Management 10 View Details
15 STP Augmentation 4 View Details
16 Water Body Rejuvenation 3 View Details
17 Water Harvesting 2 View Details
18 Water Supply 21 View Details
  Total 184