Tenement Redevelopment (PPP)

  • Surat Municipal Corporation had planned & constructed DU'S
  • Construction Completed DU'S
  • Allotment
    896 (By COMPUTERISED Draw System)
  • Built up area
    • The maximum aggregate carpet area may be 140% of existing approved carpet area of the dwelling unit or 30 sq.mt. carpet area whichever is higher.
    • For any non-residential category, maximum aggregate carpet area may be 125% of the existing approved carpet area.
  • Salient Features
    Rooms, Kitchen, W.C., Bath, Balcony, Under ground and Overhead water tank and all infrastructure facilities like water supply, drainage, street light, Road.

There are several public housing schemes which are either in dilapidated condition or/and where the FSI is not fully utilized. Such colonies in urban areas under Gujarat Housing Board/ULB/Urban Authorities of Gujarat State can be redeveloped in accordance with the policies and regulations laid down under the "જુના આવાસોના પુન: નિર્માણ/ પુન: વિકાસ અંગેની ગૃહ નિર્માણ નીતિ ઠરાવ ક્રમાંક બજટ 102014/1642/થ -1 તા. 11/02/2016."

The main objectives of the policy are as under:

  • to upgrade the existing housing stock
  • to create additional affordable housing stock wherever possible
  • to utilize the available land in optimal manner
  • to improve neighbourhood at no/ minimal cost to Government

A public housing scheme is a development carried-out by a public agency for the public at large where ownership of land continues to remain with the public agency and only the Dwelling Unit is sold to the eligible beneficiary as per scheme conditions. A public housing scheme older than 20 years/ dilapidated will be eligible for redevelopment under this policy. The approach of this policy comprises redeveloping the existing public housing scheme, creation of additional affordable housing stock and having a free sale component in the same. The redevelopment shall be done in the following manner:

The owner will be allotted DU with carpet area higher than the existing carpet area. In case of apartment type building, maximum aggregate carpet area may be 140% of existing approved carpet area/ DU of 30 sqm carpet area whichever is higher. For non-residential use, maximum aggregate carpet area may be 125% of existing approved carpet area. The developer shall redevelop the DU free of cost. The commercial spaces shall be developed and may be saleable to the existing dwellers. If the approved existing DU carpet area is less than 30 sqm, additional affordable housing DU will be 30 sqm. If the approved existing DU carpet area is more than 30 sqm, additional affordable housing DU will be 40 sqm. the developer may develop the balance FSI after redeveloping existing DU, the developer may sub-lease free sale component land on 99 years basis as per provisions, though the land ownership shall remain with SMC. The developer shall obtain consent of 60% of members including those taken by way of resolution passed by existing society/ association.


The concerned public agency/ society of owners may initiate the project for redevelopment. The tendering work shall be done by the concerned authority. A tri-party agreement will be done between concerned authority, existing housing society, public agency and private developer for redevelopment.

Major Planning Provisions

The total permissible FSI for the entire plot shall be As per CGDCR-2017, permissible FSI is 4.0. So As per Resolution No. AHM/102022/254/TH-1 Dt:- 04/05/2022 Base FSI shall be 3.0 and remaining 1.0 shall be Chargeable FSI.

  • The  Chargeable FSI shall be at 40% of Jantri Rate.
  • Jantri rate shall be frozen on the last date of online submission of Tender.
  • After redevelopment of PHC, the remaining permissible FSI shall be utilized on the plot by the developer for the development of FSC. However, if for some reasons remaining FSI cannot be fully utilized, in that case remaining FSI can be utilized on any other plot under the same Development plan as TDR.
  • TDR can be fully utilized or in part by the developer
  • OR 
  • TDR can be sold to any other person either fully or in part. However, such Transaction shall not take place more than thrice.
  • TDR can be used in all the area except in the obnoxious and hazardous zone, agriculture zone and other restricted zone.
  • If width of the road more than 30 mtr, than building height up to 70 mts shall be permitted on the recipient land for utilization of TDR.

Policy Amendments (amendment dtd. 21/2/2023) (Stg Om Reso dtd. 23/06/2023)

Projects Under Redevelopment Of Public Housing Scheme - 2016
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Sr. No. TP Scheme No & Name Final Plot No Govt. Scheme Name (JnNURM-BSUP, PMAY, MMGY, VAMBEY, PPP) No of Storey (P or G+....) No of Residential DUs No of Commercial Units Awarded Contractor/Agency Name Sanction Tender Amount ₹ (in Lacs) Completed / Work in Progress
  T.P. Scheme No.33(Dumbhal)
Dumbhal Tenement
No. 18/A Tenement (PPP) P+14 896 12 Siddhi Constructions, Surat 9,300.00 Completed
  T.P. Scheme No.28(Althan-Bhatar)
Althan Tenement
No. 107 & 116 Tenement (PPP) P+7
1296 - Siddhi Devlopers & Builders, Ahmedabad  13,400.00 Work in Progress
  T.P. Scheme No.07(Anjana)
Anjana Tenement
No. 98 Tenement (PPP) R1-P+18
416 6 R.D.B. Reality & Infrasturcture, Kolkata 4,300.00 Work in Progress
  T.P. Scheme No.03(Katargam)
Gotalawadi Tenement
No. 312/A Tenement (PPP) P+12, P+13, P+14 1304 - J. P. Iscon Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad 12,600.00 Work in Progress
  Total       3912     39619.00  
Tenement Redevelopment - Unit Plan