VAMBAY Housing


VAMBAY was announced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister during his independence day's speech on the 15th August 2001 envisaging the construction of 4 lakh dwelling units annually for the urban poor and the slum dwellers with the Government of India's subsidy of Rs.1000 crores supplemented by HUDCO's loan assistance of Rs. 1000 crores. The unit cost has been kept at Rs. 60,000 for mega cities, Rs. 50,000 for metro cities and Rs. 40,000 for other cities.

Year wise target given to the Corporation for the scheme:

Year No.of units
2002-2003 2000
2003-2004 -
2004-2005 1000
2005-2006 700
Total 3700

It is estimated that about 55,000 households are living below poverty line in the City. The VAMBAY Housing Scheme is specially designed for the families those who are living in slums and below poverty line.

Total Target given by Government: 3700

Against target Surat Municipal Corporation has already planned to execute 2120 dwelling units on different 10 sites. The implementation of the scheme had started in Feb. 2004. But as the scheme was terminated and replaced by JnNURM scheme, out of total planned 2120 units, 1748 units are transferred to JnNURM whereas already constructed 372 BPL houses are allotted as per policy of Surat Municipal Corporation.

Type of Housing

Due care for dwelling unit planning has been taken. Two types of housing pattern is adopted - Row Houses and Flats.

TYPE - I: Raw Houses

  • Built up area 20.16smt (Govt. has recommended 15 smt.)
  • Unit cost Rs. 62,000/-
  • Salient features One Multi-purpose room, Toilet, Chawkdi, Otta small backyard. All infra structure facilities like water supply, drainage, electrification, street light, Road are provided.

TYPE - II: Flats

In flat type system two type of design pattern is adopted.

  1. Built up area 17.20smt (Gr. + 2 storied structure - Total 18 flats/bldg)
    Unit cost: Rs. 60,000/-
    Salient features One Mult-purpose room, W.C, Bath, Balcony and all infrastructure facilities like water supply, drainage, street light, Road.
  2. Built up area 20.69smt (Gr.+ 3 storied structure - Total 18/24 flats / bldg)
    Unit cost: Rs. 1,05,000 / 85,000
    Salient features One room, Cooking space, W.C, Bath, and all infrastructure facilities like water supply, drainage, street light, Road.

  • Total No. of Unit Constructed 372 (228 Row Houses and 144 Flats)
  • Allotment As per Table 1, Sr. No. 1 and 2
  • Beneficiaries of the scheme BPL families and affected in road alignment.

List of VAMBAY Housing Projects- Completed

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Sr. No. Location No. of units Plot area Expenditure incurred/
estimated cost lacs
1. No.21 (Bhestan) F.P.No.51 paikee 53 2050 33.00 (31 units allotted)
2. No.21 (Bhestan) F.P.No.19 175 7708 100.00 (148 units allotted)
3. No.14 (Rander) F.P.No.142 72 1294 37.50 Flats are allotted
4. No.23 (Rander) F.P.No.28 72 1335 37.50 Flats are allotted
  Total 372 12387 208.00

VAMBAY Housing Projects- Planning Details

The layouts for each scheme are set in such a way so as to provide easy circulation, C.O.P. The building plans and layout plans for all the sites are approved by the Town Planning Department of the Surat Municipal Corporation as per prevailing building byelaws.

All the infrastructure facilities like water supply, drainage, roads, street light, compound wall etc. are provided by SMC. The land cost and infrastructure cost is subsidized by SMC.

Front Elevation
Front Elevation
Typical Ground Floor Plan
Typical Ground Floor Plan
Typical Floor Plan (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Typical Floor Plan (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Row Houses- Ground Floor Plan
Row Houses-Ground Floor Plan