Draft Housing Policy

Draft Housing Policy for Urban Poor

Surat Municipal Corporation has prepared a draft Housing policy for urban poor. This housing policy for urban poor is stressed on the specific issue of "Urban Poor" in city of Surat and also in urban agglomeration. It has been tried to completely cover all the aspects of related to urban poor especially on the housing Sector: need for Housing, Short fall, available land policies, criteria and the problem identification and solution in this regard. Main objective of the policy is as under.

  1. To know the Socio-economic survey data of the Existing slum scenario in the city as whole and zone wise.
  2. To analyze all existing data with socio economic and physical parameter of slum.
  3. Frame out the housing policy for urban, urban poor through the rating analysis of the Existing condition with future development and vision for 2020.
  4. To prepared and Action plan for slum alleviation project sustainability in terms of Land and finance.
  5. To work out practical and efficient public private partnership initialize models for slum free city.
  6. The result of poverty alleviation in three categories as per National draft slum policy as
    • Slum Upgradation
    • Slum redevelopment
    • Slum rehabilitation

Slum Upgradation

This is the strategy for dealing with slums in the city in which the Surat Municipal Corporation would provide most of the basic infrastructure in the Existing slums, there by upgrading the living Environment.

Slum Redevelopment

Surat Municipal Corporation intends to redevelops the slum which is located on SMC and private land at the same place where they are Existing by recognizing and re-densification. The land belonging to SMC will be developed by SMC itself and the private plots will be developed by the concerned party. The balance land after re-organization can be made available with additional FSI as incentive for better commercial use, and can be made for public-private partnership.

Slum Rehabilitation

As a part of rehabilitation, Surat Municipal Corporation has targeted to relocate the slums which are situated in flood prone area, reservation plots and on road alignment for the rehabilitation. Surat Municipal Corporation has targeted to construct maximum number of houses for urban poor. For this purpose, plots kept reserved for EWS/SEWS housing purpose and land purchased at Bhestan & Kosad are utilized.