The government of India has launched the Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission Scheme for the selected cities of the country. The JnNURM scheme has two submissions namely Urban infrastructure and Basic Service to the Urban Poor. Basic Services to the Urban Poor focus on access to infrastructure for the urban poor. This submission shall have a seven-point charter: Security of tenure, Housing, Water supply, Sanitation, Education, Health and Social security cover. Eligible cities proposing projects for investment support shall be eligible for Central assistance 50 %, State assistance 20 % and the 30 % contribution shall be of ULB / beneficiaries.

Surat is one of the eligible cities under JnNURM scheme. The status Detailed Project Report Sanctioned under JnNURM of Basic Service to the urban poor for Surat Municipal Corporation is as under.

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DPR Location Date of Sanct.
No. of Units Sanct. Project Cost GOI Share
GOG Share
Grant Received Amount GoI Grant Received Amount GoG Grant Received Amount ULB
I 20 different location (Rander, Adajan, Jahagirabad, Althan, Udhna, Bhestan, Varachha, Dumbhal, Limbayat). 11/10/2006 5572 6274.12 3137.06 1254.80 3137.08 1254.84 2393.59
II T.P.54, F.P.1/A - 1/B, 4, T.P.21 (Bhestan) F.P. 3, Part 2, 3 paikee 28/09/2006 5424 5644.70 2800.30 1120.12 2800.32 1120.12 2885.55
III Moje Kosad H1 28/11/2006 5280 7203.34 3428.57 1371.44 3428.56 1371.44 3525.59
IV Moje Kosad H2- H3 28/11/2006 6752 9149.72 4354.88 1741.95 4354.88 1741.96 5174.69
V Moje Kosad H4- H5 29/12/2006 7392 9887.64 4705.71 1882.28 4705.72 1882.28 3299.64
VI Housing for Urban Poor at 13 various locations of Surat. 26/09/2007 4032 6165.99 2993.2 1197.28 2993.20 1197.28 4031.91
VII Housing for Urban Poor at 16 various locations of Surat. 13/09/2007 7704 11424.64 5437.2 2174.88 5437.20 2174.88 6799.79
VIII Redevelopment of Bhimnagar Vasahat 21/01/2009 1176 2948.15 1284.46 513.78 1284.46 513.78 1010.79
IX Redevelopment of Kamrunagar Vasahat 21/01/2009 740 2375.70 1018.46 407.38 1018.46 407.38 1245.61
X Housing for Urban Poor at 8 various locations of Surat. 16/02/2010 2240 6094.77 2839.47 1135.79 2839.44 1135.78 2755.95
XI Upgradation of physical environment at Kosad & Bhestan 30/03/2011 -- 1058.36 503.7 204.36 503.70 204.36 248.53
XII Redevelopment of Ekta nagar Adajan & Ekta nagar Navi vasahat 30/03/2011 544 1702.58 745.45 298.18 745.45 298.18 1119.28
Total 46856 69929.71 33248.46 13302.24 33248.50 13302.28 35379.72
  • 40089 units have been allotted.
  • 45288 units have been completed.
  • 1568 units are under construction.

Biometric Survey

(Identifications of Beneficiaries)

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is one of the best Planned Corporation in state of Gujarat. Due to fast industrial development & better job prospects every year, thousands of people are migrated from all over the country. Due to this migration slums are developed every year on outskirt of the city. SMC planning to make the city zero slum in forth coming years. For that slum rehabilitation policy is prepared by SMC. Seven DPRs for construction of approx 42156 flats worth Rs. 560.41 Crores for relocation of slum dwellers are sanctioned under scheme of JnNURM-BSUP by Government of India.

To check the new slum dwellers for getting benefits of these relocation schemes and as per guideline of JnNURM-BSUP, it is necessary to carry out the biometrics survey of the slum dwellers of the city.

Approximately 5 lacs people are living in approx. 1 lacs kachcha / Pucca huts. The slums or part of the slums which are affected by river / Khadi floods, or slums on roads / reservations are to be relocated in 1st phase. So approx 30,000 slum households are to be surveyed in 1st phase & another 70000 households are to be surveyed in 2nd phase.

For carrying out biometric survey of the slum dwellers of the Surat city. EOI are invited by EOI notice no. AC/SUC/01/2006-07. In the response of the notice five agencies have sent their interest. A presentation was made on Dt. 23-03-2007. After studying presentation and opinion of officers SMC a Term of Reference (TOR) including Scope of works and format of survey, smart card and other details, terms & condition and format for letter of offer is sent to all five agencies who have shown their interest for this work.

After due consideration, the work of biometric survey is awarded to Smart Chip Ltd., New Delhi. The work order is issued to the company on Dt. 20-07-2007.

The biometric survey is under progress in various slum areas within city. The survey is carried out in phase viz. (i) Household survey which covers the family details like name of head of family, income, occupation, education qualifications, name of family members with socio-economic details etc. (ii) Location photograph of the dwelling unit with at least one family member & (iii) Enrollment which covers with computerized photographs of all family members with thumb impression.

Up to 1st April 2009, total 404 slums with 1,33,446 household survey & 1,15,460 household enrollment survey are completed.

Typical Floor Plan - Kosad
Typical Floor Plan - Kosad
Typical Flat Plan - Kosad
Typical Flat Plan - Kosad