Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY-U) is a flagship mission of Government of India implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). It was launched in the year 2015. The mission addresses urban housing shortage among the EWS/LIG and MIG categories including the slum dwellers by ensuring a pucca house to all eligible households by the year 2022. PMAY(U) adopts a demand driven approach wherein the housing shortage is decided based on demand assessment by states/UTs. State Level Nodal Agencies (SLNAs), Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), / Implementation Agencies (IAs), Central Nodal Agencies (CNAs) and Primary Lending Institutions (PLIs) are the main stakeholders playing important roles in the implementation and success of PMAY(U).

All houses under PMAY(U) have basic amenities like toilet, water supply, electricity and kitchen. The mission promotes women empowerment by having the ownership of houses in the name of the woman member or in joint name. Preference is also given to differently-abled persons, senior citizens, SCs, STs, OBCs, minority, single women, transgender and other weaker and vulnerable sections of society. A PMAY(U) house ensures dignified living, sense of security and pride of ownership to the beneficiaries. The PMAY(U) adopts a cafeteria approach to suit the needs of individuals based on geographical conditions, topology, economic condition, availability of land, infrastructure, etc. the scheme has hence been divided into the following 4 verticals.

'In-Situ' Slum Redevelopment (ISSR)-PPP

Slum redevelopment grants of Rs. 1 lakh per house is admissible for all houses built for eligible slum dwellers under the component of ISSR using land as a resource with participation of private developers. After redevelopment, de-notification of slums is done by State/ Cities to deploy this central grant to other slums being redeveloped. State/ cities provide additional FSI or TDR to make projects viable. For slums on privately owned land, state/cities provide additional FSI or TDR to the land owner as per its policy.

Approximately 10200 houses at slum pockets in various parts of the city are to be rehabilitated under Public Private Partnership - In Situ Slum Redevelopment PPP-ISSR Scheme.

Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)

Beneficiaries belonging to Economically Weaker Section (EWS)/ Low Income Group (LIG), Middle Income Group (MIG)-II seeking housing loans from banks/ lending institutions are eligible for a subsidy.

iii. Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP)

Under Affordable Housing Partnership (AHP), out of the total Rs. 8.50 lakh per unit cost of the house, the beneficiary has to pay only Rs. 5.50 lakh and 1.50 lakh +1.50 lakh are contributed by the state government and the central government. The actual pricing of the house can be Rs. 35-40 lakhs. Each unit has a carpet area of 400 sqft (36.50 sqm). The house (flat) has the following features and amenities:

  • 2 Rooms, kitchen with platform
  • Bathroom, toilet, wash area(Balcony) complete with all fittings, fixtures
  • Double charged vitrified tiles flooring
  • Internal electrification
  • Internal sanitation plumbing

Common amenities are:

  • Water supply, drainage, gas line network and fire fighting system
  • RCC roads and paver blocks in project area
  • Generator set
  • Passenger lift, Fire lift
  • Aesthetic entrance gate, compound wall and watchman’s cabin
  • Garden with gazebo
  • Underground and overhead water tank with pump
  • LED streetlighting
  • Organic waste convertor
  • Water recharging well

Project site is finalised considering proximity to necessary services like BRTS, bus service, health centre, schools. The site lay-out is sanctioned by the Planning Committee of Surat Municipal Corporation. The proof checking of earthquake-resistant design is checked by SVNIT.

Beneficiary Led individual house Construction (BLC)

Under the BLC scheme, government assistance upto Rs. 3.5 lakh per EWS house is provided to the eligible beneficiaries for constructing their own house. Around 579 nos. of houses (max. 30.00 sqm carpet area) have been sanctioned at various locations in the city.

More and detailed information about PMAY (Urban) can be had from the link .

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Sr. No. Project Name Location Name of Contractor No. of Flats Tender Amount ₹ (in Lacs) Status
  SUMAN JYOT T.P.No.9 (Palanpore-Bhesan), F.P.No. 164 Skyway Infra Project Pvt. Ltd. 300 1967.19 Completed
  SUMAN ASHISH T.P.No. 28 (Althan-Bhatar), F.P.No. 152   Tirupati Construction 272 1616.39 Completed
  SUMAN KUNJ T.P.No. 26 (Singanpore), F.P.No. 129 Shanti Structure Pvt. Ltd. 276 1537.99 Completed
  SUMAN SMRUTI T.P.No. 22 (Bhestan), F.P.No. 62   Tirupati Construction 192 1104.59 Completed
  SUMAN SHAKTI T.P.No. 48 (Bhestan), F.P.No. 69, P1 & P2  Tirupati Construction (Package-I)
Standard Buildcon, Jamnagar (Package-II)
552 1297.91
  SUMAN SWAPNA T.P.No. 41 (Dindoli), F.P.No. 29, R-8/2 S. M. Sheladiya 128 816.61 Completed
  SUMAN SHRUTI T.P.No.69 (Godadara-Dindoli), F.P.No.183, (R/9)- P1 & P2 R.N.Dobariya, Surat 576 1996.25
    SUMAN PRATIK  T.P.No. 35 (Katargam ), F.P.No.120 D. H. Patel, Surat 660 3900.6 Completed
    SUMAN NIKETAN  T.P.No.19(Katargam), F.P.No.180   R.N.Dobariya, Surat 112 800.57 Completed
    SUMAN NISARG  T.P.No.25(Singanpore-Tunki), F.P.No.74 Katira Construction Ltd. 260 1858.48 Completed
    SUMAN MANGAL  T.P.No.25(Singanpore-Tunki, F.P.No.97 Vinay Infratech Pvt Ltd, Surat 192 1372.41 Completed
    SUMAN MANDIR   T.P.No.27(Utran-Kosad), F.P.No.190 D. H. Patel, Surat 760 4506.8 Completed
  SUMAN SWARG   T.P.No.27(Utran-Kosad), F.P.No.167 RJP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad 528 3220.8 Completed
  SUMAN SATH  T.P.No.27(Utran-Kosad), F.P.No.180 Katira Construction Ltd., Bhuj-Kutch 512 3123.2 Completed
    SUMAN SANGATH  T.P. No.27(Utran-Kosad), F.P.No.191 Katira Construction Ltd., Bhuj-Kutch 504 3074.4 Completed
    SUMAN NIWAS   T.P. No.25(Mota Varachha), F.P.No.147   A. M. Bhanderi, Surat 560 3243.8 Completed
    SUMAN SAHKAR T.P.No.25(Mota Varachha), F.P.No.165 Katira Construction Ltd., Bhuj-Kutch 752 4587.2 Completed
    SUMAN PRABHA T.P. No.68 (Puna-Simada), F.P. R-11 Pravin K. Patel, Patan 80 557.6 Completed
  SUMAN DHAM   T.P.No. 41(Dindoli), F.P.No.29 D. H. Patel, Surat 160 932.92 Completed
  SUMAN SANGIT    T.P.No. 19(Parvat-Magob), F.P.No.100 D. H. Patel, Surat 408 2378.95 Completed
  SUMAN PRAHAR   T.P. No.19(Parvat-Magob), F.P.No.111/1 Standard Buildcon, Jamnagar 570 3277.5 Completed
    SUMAN PRABHAT  T.P.No. 19(Parvat-Magob), F.P.No.112 D. H. Patel, Surat 208 1560.16 Completed
    SUMAN SANGINI T.P.No. 53(Magob-Dumbhal), F.P.No.82 Shree Ganesh Corporation, Navsari 1088 7071.47 Completed
    SUMAN MALHAR  T.P. No.28(Rundh-Vesu), F.P.No.32/P S.P.3 RJP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad 96 669.85 Completed
  SUMAN MALHAR T.P. No.28(Rundh-Vesu), F.P.No.32/P S.P.2 Katira Construction Ltd., Bhuj-Kutch 660 4265.15 Completed
  SUMAN SURAJ T.P. No.24(Mota Varachha), F.P.No.177, R-26   A. M. Bhanderi, Surat 520 3673.8 Completed
  SUMAN SARTHI T.P.No.35(Katargam), F.P.No.134 Vinay Infratech Pvt Ltd, Surat 273 1932.04 Completed
  SUMAN GANGA T.P.No.19(Parvat-Magob), F.P.No 110/3   A. M. Bhanderi, Surat 528 3744.57 Completed
  SUMAN KESHAV T.P.No.62(Bhedvada), F.P.No.194 (R 26) A. M. Bhanderi, Surat 660 4684.07 Completed
  SUMAN PARTH T.P.No.28 (Althan-Bhatar), F.P.No 136 D. H. Patel, Surat 300 2205 Completed
  SUMAN BHARGAV T.P.No.13 (Bharthana- Vesu),, F.P.No 169  Shree Ganesh Corporation,Navsari
1148 8354.32 Completed
  SUMAN SANJIVINI T.P.No.42 (Bhimrad), F.P.No 61 Standard Buildcon, Jamnagar 360 2519.64 Completed
  SUMAN AASTHA T.P.No.42 (Bhimrad), F.P.No 75 Shanti Construction Co. 304 2157.51 Completed
  SUMAN SADHANA T.P.No.37 (Variyav), F.P.No 99 Vinay Infratech Pvt Ltd, Surat 518 3676.29 Completed
  SUMAN VAIBHAV T.P.No.36 (Variyav), F.P.No 90 D. H. Patel, Surat 682 4773.84 Completed
  SUMAN TAPI T.P.No.42 (Bhimrad), F.P.No.67 D. H. Patel, Surat 322 2245.95 Completed
  SUMAN ARADHANA T.P.No.43 (Bhimrad), F.P.No.110 Shree Ganesh Co. 132 988.34 Completed
  SUMAN CHANDAN T.P.No.9 (Palanpore-bhesan), F.P.No.152 D. H. Patel, Surat 420 3158.29 Completed
  SUMAN MUDRA T.P.No.16 (Pal), F.P.No.113 Shree Ganesh Co. 1231 8887.82 Completed
  SUMAN SNEH T.P.No.16 (Pal), F.P.No.114 Shree Ganesh Co. 832 5935.43 Completed
  SUMAN VANDAN T.P.No.45 (Jahangirpura), F.P.No 117-P1 Shanti Procon LLP.Ahmedabad 1290 9249.3 Completed
  SUMAN VANDAN T.P.No.45 (Jahangirpura), F.P.No 117-P2 Shanti Procon LLP.Ahmedabad 1534 10998.78 Completed
  SUMAN SATHI T.P.No.46 (Jahangirpura), F.P.No 97 Anand Assocites. 196 1489.6 Completed
  SUMAN VANI T.P.No.44 (Jahangirabad), F.P.No 6 Shanti Procon LLP.Ahmedabad 984 6904.73 Completed
  SUMAN KAVYA T.P.No.28(Rundh-Vesu), F.P.No 32, Sub Plot1 Chetan Vyas & Assocites. 450 3199.5 Completed
  SUMAN TRUPTI T.P.No.48 Bhestan, F.P.No.85 Standard  Buildcon 332 2463.42 Completed
Total 23422 150686.87  
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Sr. No. Project Name Location Name of Contractor No. of Flats Tender Amount ₹ (in Lacs) Status
  SUMAN SMIT T.P.No.43 (Bhimrad), F.P.No.109   R.N.Dobariya, Surat 928 6765.11 Work in Progress
  SUMAN ARTH T.P.No.24 (Mota Varachha-Utran), F.P.No 181 R.N.Dobariya 504 3843 Work in Progress
  SUMAN PRAYAG T.P.No.24 (Mota-VarachhaUtran), F.P.No 180 Shanti Strucutre.Rajkot 556 4028.08 Work in Progress
  SUMAN NUPUR TP.No.62(Dindoli-Bhestan-Bhedvad), FP.No.173 (R-5)  R.N.Dobariya 336 2449.43 Work in Progress
  SUMAN LIPI T.P.No.08  (Palanpore), F.P.No.131 R.N.Dobariya 670 4957.99 Work in Progress
  SUMAN ADARSH T.P.No.10 (Adajan), F.P.No.17 R.N.Dobariya 408 29.74 Work in Progress
  SUMAN UTKARSH T.P.No.27 (Utran-Kosad), F.P.No.178 R.N.Dobariya 324 2361.95 Work in Progress
  SUMAN SHILP T.P.No.13 (Vesu-Bharthana), F.P.No.165+166  R.N.Dobariya 540 4402.18 Work in Progress
  SUMAN RASHI T.P.No.9 (Palanpore-Bhesan), F.P.No.174 D. H. Patel, Surat 588 5515.3 Work in Progress
  SUMAN MAITRI T.P.No.46 (Jahangirpura), F.P.No.103 Vinay infratech 808 7040.69 Work in Progress
  SUMAN PRAKRUTI T.P.No.48 (Bhestan), F.P.No.89 D. H. Patel, Surat 792 6502.78 Work in Progress
Total 23422 150686.87  
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana - Unit Plan