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How to Hire?

The rents and charges applicable for various program that are to be hosted for various durations are as listed in the table below:

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Sr. No. Nature of Programme Duration Rent of Hall Rent with AC Total Rent Deposit Total
1 Educational Religious Meetings, Seminars, Lectures, Debate etc.(Only for 1st & 2nd Session,Without Ticket) 3.5 hrs. 2000/- 3500/- 5500/- 17500/- 23000/-
2 Drama, Belay, Dance Drama, Classical Dance, Ras Garba, Light Songs, Ghazals , Bhajan, Diara Arangatrum, Bharat Natyam,, Mushayara , Magic Shows, etc. 3.5 hrs. 2500/- 3500/- 6000/- 19000/- 25000/-
Film Songs, Music [Orchestra], Business, Share Holder Meeting, Annual Meeting, Cultural Programme, Educational Seminar, Break Dance, Disco Dance 3.5 hrs. 5000/- 3500/- 8500/- 23500/- 32000/-
4 Rates for the programme exceeding than the stipulated time to the extent of one hour. 1/2 hour 600/- 800/- 1400/- -- --
5 Rent of Foyer of Ground Floor of Auditorium Rs.4000/- as rent + Service Tax for a session of 3.5 hrs.duration
6 Rent for Parking for VIP Rs.3000/- as rent + Service Tax for a session of 3.5 hrs.duration
7 Charges towards display of banners, booking office, screens, extra time (1 h. max.), housekeeping, damages (if any), govt. taxes etc. shall be deducted as per prevailing rules and regulations of Gandhi Smruti Bhavan from deposit amount.
  1. Rs.12/- per unit will be charged for electricity consumption and additional light, sound. equipments and rent of Furniture will be recovered from the deposit placed. If the programme runs beyond one hour exceeding the stipulated time-limit, organizer will have to pay full charge of a session.
  2. Hall Booking can be done online from our website and also from city civic centre.
  3. Eatables, panmasala, cold drinks, Ghutka, Smoking etc. are strickly prohibited inside the auditorium.
  4. Three sessions are available in Gandhi Smriti Bhavan:
    • 09.30 am to 12.30 pm
    • 03.00 pm to 06.00 pm
    • 09.00 pm to 12.00 pm
  5. Booking can be done Five Months in advance.
  6. No programme shall be allowed to conduct unless permission from Police Authorities is obtained both for performance and license for sale of Tickets.
  7. Production of all necessary permissions, licenses, NOCs etc. is mandatory for applicant before commencement of programe.
  8. Deduction as per the rules will be made in event of cancellation of programme due to unavoidable circumstances.
  9. All parties / organizers have to observe the SMC Rules.