Food Court Policy

Concourse of Indoor Stadium
Earmarked Space
  • 04 Courts at Ground Level
  • 08 Courts at Tier Level
  • 12 Courts Total
Area of each Court
15 Sq Meter (Frontage 5 Meter, Depth 3 Meter)
Rent (in INR, per Session)
  • 12000 (For Part Stadium Booking, Ground Level Only)
  • 36000 (For Full Stadium Booking, Ground & Tier Level Both)
Tax on Rent
Separately Chargeable

Norms to be followed by Event Organizer(s)

  • Organizer willing to run food court during event, must pay rent & tax amount of food court along with stadium rent & deposit at the time of booking of Indoor Stadium.
  • Arrangements related to food court have to be made in coordination with venue in charge. Food court will not be permitted at the place other then earmarked space. Persons engaged with food court will not be allowed in the house to collect the order or to sell or distribute the snacks / beverages.
  • Organizer must obtain necessary License from Health Department of Surat Municipal Corporation for running of food courts.
  • Organizer must follow the prevailing rules of Weight Measure & Fair Price notified by Controller (Legal Metrology) & Director (Consumer Affairs), Government of Gujarat; failing to which organizer may face penal action by competent authority. SMC will not be held responsible for any reason.  
  • Organizer must keep the space of & around food courts neat & clean for all time & must keep sufficient numbers of dustbins near all food courts. Wastage collected in these dustbins must be disposed at the place suggested by Surat Municipal Corporation, failing to which SMC will collect charge for disposal of wastage & / or impose the fine on organizer.
  • Spectators will not be allowed to enter in the house with food & beverages. Organizers have to make necessary arrangements for strict implementation of rule.
  • Only Veg Food & Cold / Hot beverages shall be served in food courts. Non Veg food, prohibited & / or intoxicated drinks, cigarette & other smoking items, Pan Masala, Gutkha etc can not be served or sold or distributed.
  • Only Pre Cooked food shall be served in the food courts. Keeping & / or using cooking stove / gas shall not be permitted in the food court.
  • In case of use of electrically operated cooking or storing appliances viz. oven, freeze, hot plate, toaster, electric stove in the food court, electric supply shall be given to operate these appliances by Indoor Stadium subject to withstanding capacity of electrical installations. Otherwise, organizers have to make alternate arrangement for operating these appliances. Electricity will be charged from organizer in case it will be supplied by Indoor Stadium. Moreover, organizer will be responsible for safe & secured use of electrical appliances in the food court.
  • Organizers are abided to follow instructions & orders to be given by SMC or other competent authority time to time, for running of food courts.