Central Zone


Central Zone
Central Zone Vahivati Bhavan, Gordhandas Chokhawala Marg, Muglisara, Surat-395003
Contact No.: 2427726 (Ext.205,420,421)
Mobile No.: 9727740932
Fax No.: 2420548
Control Room No.: 2420547
Sh. R B Bhogayata (GAS)
Deputy Mun. Commissioner & Zonal Chief
(M) 6359909945
(O) 2420547 PABX – 479
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Administrative Engineering Health
Sh. Dixon M Christian
Assistant Mun. Commissioner
(m) 9724345502
(o) 0261-2420547 (PABX – 479)
Sh. R D Ganjawala
Executive Engineer
(m) 6359908246
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2003)
exen.cz.south, exen.cz.north
Dr. K Y Garasiya
Dy. Medical Officer of Health
(m) 9099007894
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2018)
Smt. Anisha A Desai
Personnel Officer
(m) 7383300822
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2039)
Sh. G S Rana
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9825711293
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2007)
Smt. Dhwani N Patel
Junior Medical Officer
(m) 9925355770
(o) 0261-2427726
Sh. P R Prasad
Executive Assistant
Manager, City Civic Center
(m) 9724345493
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 500)
Sh. M G Gamit
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9724331933
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2006)
Dr. B G Patil
Asst. Insecticide Officer
(m) 8140303407
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2016)
Sh. J N Patel
Deputy Accountant
(m) 9016407955
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2034)
Sh. Pravin S Patel
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9724322421
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2005)
Sh. Ashish T Patel
Food Safety Officer
(m) 9925267479
Sh. A A Vasava
Assessment & Recovery Officer (South Part)
(m) 9879199112
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2026)
Sh. A G Mangukia
Deputy Engineer (El.)
(m) 9727740909
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2006)
Sh. Mayank V Patel
Food Safety Officer
(m) 9913213303
Sh. A B Solnki
Assessment & Recovery Officer (North Part)
(m) 9427376152
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2041)
  Smt. N G Purohit
Statistical Assistant
(m) 6358825397
Sh. Vaishaliben N Patel
Asst. Law Officer & Appellate Officer
(m) 9426825973
(o) 0261-2427726 (PABX- 2043)
  Smt. S P Naik
Statistical Assistant
(m) 8128659755