North Zone

General Details of North Zone

North Zone
North Zone Vahivati Bhavan, Behind Gajera school, B/s Ramjikrupa Raw-House, Katargam, Surat
Contact No.: 2480518, 2485700
Mobile No.: 9724346011-13 Fax No.: 2486300
Sh. Manish M Doctor
Deputy Commissioner
(m) 9724345463
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-201)
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Administrative Engineering Health
Sh. N H Patel
I/c Assistant Commissioner
(m) 9724345497
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-202)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. V S Ganeshwala
Executive Engineer
(m) 9925012678
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-203)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. K A Shrof
Dy.  Medical Officer of Health
(m) 9724345472
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-206)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. H I Chaudhari
Personnel  Officer & I/c ARO
(m) 9825609600 / 7433976450
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-211/212)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. N V Trivedi
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9724345452
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-208)
Sh. J R Parmar
I/c Asst. Insecticide Officer
(m) 9586389823
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-218)
Sh. Chitra Geniwala
I/c Deputy Accountant
(m) 9724336850
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX- 214)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. J D Topiwala
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9925141065
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-209)
Sh. Ashvinbhai A Vasava
Asst. Law Officer & Appellate Officer
(m) 9879199112
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX- 213)
Sh. R C Patel
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9925790745
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-210)
  Sh. N M Chaudhari
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9727702580
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-207)
  Sh. P H Patel
Deputy Engineer
(m) 6359908378
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-207)
  Sh. P T Tailor
Deputy Engineer
(m) 6359908890
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-207)
  Sh. S P Desai
Deputy Engineer (Ele.)
(m) 9879465171
(o) 0261-2480518 (PABX-207)