South Zone A


South Zone A
South Zone Vahivati Bhavan, Udhana Main Road, Opp. Satya Nagar, Udhan, Surat
Contact No.: 2278429, 2277043, 2275651
Control Room Mobile No.: 9724346060 to 61
Fax No.: 2272147
Sh. D C Bhagwagar
Add. City Engineer (Civil) & Zonal Chief
(M) 9724345428
(O) 0261-2480518 (PABX-200)
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Administrative Engineering Health
Sh. Jagdish J Patel
Assistant Commissioner
(m) 9724345506
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-305)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. D R Gohil
Executive Engineer
(m) 9724345423
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-207)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Arpit D. Dudhwala
Dy. Medical Officer of Health
(m) 9099007944
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-304)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Smt. Parul J Rana
Personnel Officer
(m) 9825139038
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-251)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. S D Prajapati
Executive Engineer
(m) 9974816492
Dr. Keshav Vaishnav
Asst. Insecticide Officer
(m) 9724345480
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-306)
Sh. R J Kayasth
Assessment & Recovery Officer
(m) 9724345546
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-255)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. M L Rathod
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9879084664
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-205)
Sh. P K Jariwala
Assessment & Recovery Officer (Property & AAWAS Recovery)
(m) 9724338639
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-304)[at]suratmunicipal[dot]gov[dot]in
Sh. A G Gandhi
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9879156501
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-202)
Sh. B K Patel
Deputy Accountant
(m) 9925010211
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-260)
Sh. M G Gamit
Deputy  Engineer
(m) 9724331933
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-203)
Sh. A V Jagtap
Asst. Law Officer & Appellate Officer
(m) 9825298102
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-250)
Sh. J S Patel
Deputy Engineer
(m) 9825110071
(o) 0261-2278429 (PABX-204)