Library and Reading Room

Library / Reading Room Of South West Zone (Athwa)

# Name Address Phone
1 Umra Reading Room Nr. Umra Health Centre, Opp. Torrent Power, Umra gam, Surat.
2 Navyug Reading Room Nr. Chandradip Society Gate, First Floor, Surat.
3 Adajan Reading Room First Floor, Adajan Ward Office, Adajan, Surat.
4 Althan Reading Room Nr. Althan Health Centre, Althan Tenement, Althan, Surat.
5 Ambanagar Reading Room Above UCD Centre, Ambanagar, Surat.
6 Dumas-Sultanabad Reading Room Opp.Dumas Police Station, First Floor, Health Centre, Dumas, Surat.
7 Kavi Narmad Central Library Opp.Umra Police Station, Athwalines, Ghod dod Road, Surat. 2665873