Ambient Air monitoring system

Setting up of Ambient Air monitoring system

Surat Municipal Corporation might be the first Municipal Corporation which has been providing water supply & sewerage facility to whole city population by the end of year 2003.

To operate and maintain efficiently the system as a whole, Surat Municipal Corporation has setup Environmental Cell. It is a need of time to monitor the environmental aspects at all level such as water, air, noise etc. Particularly, to monitor the wastewater quality Surat Municipal Corporation has been doing a lot and has a well set up establishment.

The industrialization of city and Vehicular Discharges are the main cause of creation of disturbance of air quality. Now, it has become necessity to monitor the air quality within city. However, State Pollution Control Board monitor the air quality by conventional method, Surat Municipal Corporation has joined hands with The Sarvajanik Collage of Engineering and Technology to procure a Mobile Unit for the same as well.

The estimated cost of procurement of Mobile Pollution Measuring Van is about Rs. 120 lacs where in Surat Municipal Corporation is going to share the 50% Capital cost. The Sarvajanik Collage of Engineering and Technology as a CORE center selected by Science and Technology Department, Government of India is in process of purchasing the Mobile Pollution Measuring Van. It is anticipated that the city of Surat would be having the Mobile Pollution Measuring Van in June-July 2004. This van will be operated and maintained by The Sarvajanik Collage of Engineering and Technology for which an MOU has been signed between Surat Municipal Corporation and The Sarvajanik Collage of Engineering and Technology.