Feasibilty Projects

Below are the details of the Feasibility Projects:

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Sr. No Name of Work Cost (Rs. in Crores)
  Construction of Bridge across river Mindhola connecting Surat district (Abhava) and Navsari District (Ubhrat). 300
  Construction of bridge across Tapi River joining Aswinikumar to Utran parallel to Railway  bidge no. 452 , Surat. 115
  Construction of Fly Over  Bridge at Saipoint junction on dindoli-kharvasa main road of T.P.62 (Dindoli-Bhestan-Bhedwad) in  South East (Limbayat) Zone, Surat.        46.9
  Construction of Additonal Entry-Exit ramp on Existing Sarthan-Simada Junction Flyover bridge. 20
  Construction of 4-Lane Fly Over Bridges on Either Side of BRTS Lane Crossing Ratnamala Junction,  and Gajera Junction on Surat-Amroli Road at Surat  60
  Construction of fly over bridge near Shyamdham temple on Surat Kamrej main road Surat. 45
  Construction of fly over bridge near APMC market on  Surat Bardoli main road Surat 30
  Construction of Under pass at Simada Naka below existing flyover Bridge on  Surat Kamrej main road BRTS route Surat 30
  Construction of flyover Bridge at Yogi chawk junction   , east zone , Surat       30
  Construction of flyover Bridge at VIP Circle on 36 m road in TPS 27(Uttran Kosad) Uttran Surat       30
  Construction of flyover Bridge at Bapa Sitaram Chowk DTPS-68 (Puna-Simada) on 45.0 m BRTS route Simada Surat 30
  Construction of fly  Over Bridge at Bhedwad Junction- Pandesara G.I.D.C. Junction near udhana – navsari road in  South (Udhana)  Zone, Surat.        30
  Construction of Fly Over  Bridge at Patrakar circle to kailash nagar on Bamroli- Althan B.R.T.S. root in  South Zone,  Surat.        50
  Construction of fly  Over Bridge at Navin florin Junction Joining Bhimrad and Dindoli on Surat – Navsari Road in  South (Udhana)  Zone, Surat.        35
  Construction of Single Track bridge  Joining  Vallabhacharya  road to  Shrinathji bridge near Hirabag circle &  Ware House Road to Shrinathji  bridge at two places on Varachcha Road in Surat city. 30
  Construction of  fly over bridge near Bharat Cancer Hospital on  B.R.T.S. route of Surat Bardoli Road in surat city.    30
  Construction Railway Over bridge crossing on Udhna- Bhusaval Mainline from Mansarovar Society in TPS 69( Dindoli- Godadara) of South  East Zone, Surat. 90
  Construction of ROB/RUB in lieu of level crossing No.5 (Kosad_Kribhko line) joining Amroli - Sayan road ,Surat                                                               81.69
  Construction of Railway over bridge on Surat – Mumbai Railway line at 256/20 & 256/22 near Sanabil Bakery joining Unn & Eklara area in South  (Udhan) Zone , Surat.           50
  work of construction of DFC Minor Railway Under Bridge No.7B at ch.26 + 960 at Gothan- Mota Varachha Road near Village Gothan in New North Zone area in Surat. 50
  Widening of existing railway over bridge on 90.00 m. road of T.P. scheme no.59(unn) at railway km.254/18-19 between Ahmedabad-Mumbai rly line, connecting Surat-Sachin road, Sachin, surat 80
  Construction of Fly Over Bridge to connect 30.0 mt wide T.P.Road of T.P. Scheme on 41(Limbayat-Dindoli) near Nandanvan Society to Pramukh Park Railway Over Bridge and connect area of  T.P. Scheme on 62 (Bhestan-Bhedwad-Dindoli)area in South East Zone(Limbayat), Surat. 50
  Construction of creek bridge in TPS- 21 (Sarthana-Simada) near Shyamdham Society of Varachha area in Surat.   5.36
  widening of creek bridge  on 45.00MT road at T.P. Scheme No. 38 ( Nana Varachha ) and T.P. scheme No. 68 ( Puna ) and construction of new creek bridge in place of existing low level bridge on 12.00 mt wide TP road in East Zone area, within Surat city limit.    10
  Construction of Creek Bridge joining, Shree Ramnagar Society at 30.00 mt wide road in T.P. Scheme No. 20 (Nana Varachha-Kapodra) to Saketdham Society at 24.00 mt wide road in T.P. Scheme No. 20 (Puna). 10
  Construction of bridge across khadi near
Telangpor  village connecting Draft TP scheme no.33  (Talangpor-Umber) F.P. No.308,309 and Kansad village on 24.0m T.P. Road at surat.
  Construction of Creek Bridge in TP Schem No. 59 connecting FP 279/c to R-41 and R-31 to R-44 in South Zone area. 10