Summary of major Projects/Works

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No Name of Work Location Description Cost (Rs. in Lakhs)
1. Traffic Signals 31 Junctions, 4 Junctions Fully Automatic Microprocessor based controllers with LED Lights, Solar Signals Co, Police Department Respectively 202.00
2. Traffic Night Blinkers 123 Junctions Fully Automatic Microprocessor based controllers 7.00
3. Road Dividers     1600
4 Traffic Islands constructed      
  (i) By Sponsors 43 Nos. 20 islands are with fountains and 23 without fountains 270.00 (expense born by sponsors)
  (ii) By SMC 47 Nos. 7 islands are with fountains and 40 without fountains 150.00
5. Service Road 3.00 kms. On Gaurav path, right from Sargam Shopping Centre to Rundh Jakatnaka  100.00
6. Children Traffic Park 1 Nos. Constructed to impart training to the students and to create awareness and sense of traffic 31.00
7. Fountains in the Islands 27 Nos. Beautiful Fountains are installed in the islands to create scenic beauty of the city 31.00
8. Linear Fountain in Road Divider 130.00 mtrs. long A stretch of Road-Divider on Surat-Dumas road is installed with 29 bubblers and two dome fountains on a length of 130 mtrs. which is longest in India 7.00
9. Vehicle Actuated System 5 Junctions Red & Green signals are actuated by the nos. of vehicle 12.00
10. Count down timers on signals 114 Shows time remaining in seconds for signals to get Green or Red. 15.60
11. Gantry Signage's 8 Give destination directions on BOT base
12. Time & Temperature
5 Shows current time and temperature 1.20
13. L.E.D aspects 1766 Nos.   51.00

Major Projects/Works planned for 2007-2008

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No. Name of works / project Estimated cost (in Lakhs)
1. Privatization of City Bys services [On PPP basis - click for Presentation ] 125.00
2. DP Road BRTS 60.00
3. Multilevel parking system at different locations 500.00
4. Escalator type paedestrian bridges (F O B) 70.00
5. Construction of TRAM (Traffic Awareness & Management Institute) 50
6. Area Traffic control (ATC) system 100.00
7. Construction of Traffic Islands and Channelizer's at various junctions. 76.00
8. Construction of road dividers on various major roads. 40.00
9. Gantry signages on different location On BOT basis